What Vodafone.de and CHECK24.de can teach us on clarity

In January 2017, WUA carried out a digital customer experience study of the online orientation on a fixed line contract in the German telecom market. WUA’s orientation studies have a strong focus on three key themes: Look&Feel, Product Offer and Brand. This particular study was won by Vodafone.de, which scored highest on findability (80%), and received really high scores on Look & Feel and Product Offer.

Comparison site CHECK24.de ended up in fifth place in this study, but this provider achieved by far the highest conversion (45%, 17 percentage points higher than the second highest conversion rate) and Overall Opinion (79 points, 7 points above average). All this, despite a low findability (19%). CHECK24.de also got the highest scores on Product Offer, and received above average scores on Look & Feel.

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Respondents in this study were very positive about the clarity of Check24.com and Vodafone.de, and the way in which the product offer was organised and presented. So, what can we learn from Vodafone.de and CHECK24.de when it comes to the subject clarity?

Colours, icons, and legibility

CHECK24.de got the highest score on Look & Feel in the Further Look phase (82 points), which is 4 points above average. Respondents mentioned that the text on CHECK24.de is very clear and easy to read due to the font and text size used on the website. As one of the consumers remarks:

“Font size is good, the ratio of imaging and text works well.”

At the top of the page, a list with reasons for choosing CHECK24.de is shown, together with some awards won by this provider that can be clicked for more information about each of the awards. This makes it clear at first glance that the visitor is dealing with a reputable provider.

A little further to the right, a highly visible icon informs visitors that there is a special cashback offer (300 euro) which is only available when they make their purchase via CHECK24. On mouse-over, a pop-up appears with information on how to claim this cashback in three easy steps that also feature icons that clarify the actions required. As one of the consumers in the study notices:

“There are special offers, that seem only available on this site.”

Other icons on the product page also show more information on mouse-over: the price shown is clarified with a cost breakdown, contract length further explained on mouse-over, and the ticks and crosses that immediately show availability of certain options are also clarified when the mouse is hovered over them.

“Good, simple design, all texts are big enough, the controls are well placed.”

Vodafone.de respondents also commented on the use to colours, noting that they are fresh, clear, and give the site a pleasant feel.

“Pleasant colors, text size and composition are also pleasant.”


Vodafone.de got the highest score on Look & Feel in the First Impression phase (72 points), and in the Further Look phase this provider got the second highest score on Look & Feel with 80 points, only slightly behind CHECK24.de. Vodafone.de customers mainly commented on the clear structure of the website. They mention clear menus that immediately guide you to the right place through the use of meaningful text labels, and the way in which the site shows the information in a clear table. Consumers’s quotes on this subject are (among others):

“The menus are clearly structured and are therefore easy to work with.”

Clear comparison

Vodafone.de customers are happy about the clear differences between various options and the ability to see at a glance which are better suited to them, which relates to both Look & Feel and Product offer.

“Unambiguous information about the price-performance ratio.”

“Clear prices, they offer differing packages.”

Comparison site CHECK24.de makes it very easy to compare various results. When tariff details are clicked in a search result, the details remain visible when tariff details for another search result are clicked, which allows for easy comparison. CHECK24.de customers also noted that the information on the site was clearly structured and that the site was uncluttered.


Both Vodafone.de and CHECK24.de make use of clear fonts, icons, and menu structure to guide visitors towards a product that suits their needs. Vodafone.de shows tariff details in a table, which gives users a quick overview at a glance, so they can immediately rule out less preferable options based on specific features. CHECK24.de keeps its pages clear and uncluttered by locating further information behind intuitive icons that display more information on mouse-over.

Vodafone.de does something similar by showing certain terms and conditions behind a mouse-over icon. Clear, concise information in and of itself is not enough. All this information needs to be presented in such a way that it is supported by an uncluttered design that enables visitors to quickly see whether they are in the right place, allows them to find the information they are looking for, makes it possible for them to easily differentiate between various options.

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