How creates an excellent digital brand image through trust, confirmation and availability

In January 2017, WUA carried out a digital customer experience study of the online orientation on a mobile phone and contract in Germany. WUA’s orientation studies focus strongly on three key themes: Look & Feel, Product Offer, and Brand. This particular study was won by, however this provider didn’t get the highest score on any of the themes from the WUA Digital Sales Scan model. got the highest scores on Brand in the First Impression phase as well as in the Further Look phase (5 points above average in both phases), and on Overall Opinion (81 points, 9 points higher than the winner of the study Despite’s low findability (22%), this comparison site also achieved the highest conversion rate by far (44%), 13 percentage points higher than the second highest conversion rate in the study.

Respondents were very positive about as a brand. Which aspects of the brand did consumers appreciate the most, and what can we learn from the way is presenting its brand image?

1 Trust builds trust by clearly showing that they have won awards, which are clickable to view more information about these prizes and/or claims, and by showing customer ratings. It gives visitors an impression of openness and trustworthiness. Or, as one of the consumers says in the open comment section:

“Seriös und erfahren.”

The fact that the information provided is clear and transparent also positively contributes to a feeling of trust. The website immediately shows which mobile phone providers are included in the comparison. One of the consumers remarks:

“Es kommt sehr seriös rüber, alles rein informativ und objektiv dargestellt.”

2 Reassurance

Respondents noted that they found it reassuring that shows the differences between the offers it compares in a very clear and transparent way. It gives the impression that cares about the customer by clearly showing the details of every option to ensure they are sufficiently informed to make a good decision. Also, the way in which this comparison site displays the information about the offers it provides gives the impression that is neutral and independent.

“CHECK24 ist quasi neutral und sucht für mich passende Angebote.”

“Wirkt sehr neutral den Angeboten gegenüber.”

3 Accessibility offers expert advice through a call-back service in four different languages, and with rather long opening hours (8am to 10pm, seven days a week). This gives the impression the company is willing to accommodate their customers by addressing them in their own language and outside normal business hours.

“Man kommt leicht zu den Kontaktmöglichkeiten für den jeweiligen Bereich.” 

“Erreichbarkeit, Transparenz.”

4 Benefits

The cashback offer shown on the start page gives customers the impression that they are getting a better deal by choosing The website clearly shows how customers can claim their cashback in three easy steps, supported by intuitive icons and transparent information. This makes customers feel appreciated as CHECK24 customers. “Dass es ein Cashback gibt.” “Sorgfalt, seriös, professionell, Bonusprogramm, interessante Angebote.”


Brand image is very important to convince potential customers to make a purchase. They can be persuaded if the website manages to build trust by displaying recommendations and awards, and by making potential customers feel like being properly informed to ensure that they are able to make the right decision, for example through the use of clear language, good overviews, and intuitive design. Another key issue is being contactable and showing willingness to accommodate the customer, which achieves through offering extensive opening hours and support in multiple languages.

The main thing that holds this comparison site back is its low findability of 22%. The respondents who did manage to find were very positive about the website and the company behind it, which is reflected by the highest conversion rate and Overall Opinion score, and the highest scores on all themes of the WUA Digital Sales model.

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