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WUA was founded in 2008 by the brothers Henk and Klaas Kroezen in Amsterdam. They have been working on their passion for digital since 1999. WUA aims to create the best digital experience benchmark in the world in order to structurally provide clients with the most useful insights to win in the digital arena. With the Digital Sales Scan we deliver the ultimate KPI for online teams and management to measure and benchmark digital sales journeys, both within and outside your industry, in your own country and internationally.

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WUA: Where does that name actually come from?

The name WUA is an abbreviation of Web Usability Advice. During his MBA study in 2007, founder Klaas Kroezen named every project Web Usability Advice. Colleagues from the previous company of Henk and Klaas who came over to the new company found that name too long. they came up with WUA as the company name. The name gave energy and made many people smile!

Large and medium-sized organizations

At WUA, we work with large and medium-sized companies that want to win. Winning by creating the best digital customer experience by structurally listening to the customer. The WUA team consists of more than 40 digital experts and researchers. The WUA benchmark consists of more than 27.000 websites and apps and we are active in 15 countries. We work for companies like Vodafone, ABN Amro, ING, Microsoft, Google, Google, Samsung and hundreds of other large and medium-sized organizations. Both profit and non-profit, b2c and b2b.

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“This research is a breeding ground for more successful a/b tests and hypotheses”

Maarten van der Gugten, T-Mobile
Didy Bos - Greenchoice

“The research is used on many levels in our marketing team, including out of home and brand campaigns. We use the research findings to come up with new directions for the look & feel of our campaigns. The research recommendations are also used for new a/b test idea’s, in our online always-on campaigns and in our website optimizations.”

Didy Bos, Greenchoice

An average customer satisfaction rate of 8,7.

WUA has grown because of an extreme focus on quality and customer satisfaction. We believe that as a company you have to deliver value that really makes customers happy in the long term. We like to initiate, innovate and build a partnership with our customers, always with business results in mind. The most important thing we hear from our customers is that they immediately start working with our research results and recommendations. With the WUA benchmark, they have a powerful tool to structurally improve digitally.

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Meet the people behind WUA and get to know our company culture.

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At WUA, we are always looking for the best digital experts that fit in WUA’s unique family culture and stand for the exceptionally high quality we want to deliver to our customers. We work with small teams that are supported by a flexible layer of independent experts in order to achieve the very best results for our customers. This allows us to always switch quickly and customer interest always comes first. We are always looking for the best permanent and freelance employees. Both at home and abroad.

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