Worldwide leader in digital experience benchmarking

WUA is a worldwide leader in digital experience benchmarking. That’s quite a mouthful, and on this page we’d like to explain who we are and what we do, and we’ll tell you about our mission and vision, and about our core values.

What we do

Digital experience benchmarking, what is that? Most companies that offer services or goods to consumers have previously set up a website or other digital domain (an app, for example). Just like in real stores, visitors to the digital domain have a particular experience: good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, easy to navigate or confusing, and so on.
What WUA does, is map all these experiences of potential customers from the beginning of the customer journey until just before the Purchase button or the end of a service trajectory. All of these experiences and reviews are collected in a database, forming scores that can be compared to one another. At industry level, i.e. between competing companies, but also foreign industries. So an insurer, for example, can easily compare their score to the score of
Comparing the scores, is what we call benchmarking at WUA. So what we do is compare digital experiences, and we do this for large multinationals.

How we do it

Digital experience benchmarking. Hopefully the combination of these three words has become a bit more meaningful for you. But how does WUA do this exactly?
In order to map the digital experience of potential customers, we work with a proven research model, which is called “validated” in the world of research. We have tested and developed this model ourselves, together with our customers, and it’s called: the WPS model. This stands for Web Performance Score, the research product we have linked to it is called the Web Performance Scan.

Research practice

In our research, at least 200 potential customers orientate themselves on a product or service, or they carry out a digital service task. These potential customers are in the database of the international respondents agencies WUA cooperate with, and the study takes place online, on the laptop or computer of the participant, often at home. Participants receive a questionnaire in an online environment and they are given a task, for example the task below (task for WPS study health insurance, November 2015):

“Go and look for a health insurance policy for yourself. Go as far as possible on the website, but do not apply for a policy.”

How would you begin the orientation process? You’d probably start your search with Google, and at that point you’ve arrived at the first topic of the WPS model, which is: “being found”. The WPS model below shows the elements and topics potential customers “score” their orientation process on.

While searching for a health insurance policy, potential customers encounter for example healthcare provider This provider is assessed in several stages on the following recurring topics: Look & Feel, Offerings and Brand. Each topic is given a score and all scores together form the WPS score for CZ. In the latest WPS study of the orientation on health insurance from November 2015, CZ was the winner with a score of 66. More about the WPS model and the research approach can be found here.

Why do we do what we do?

Why do we at WUA do what we do? What drives us and what are our beliefs, what motivates us?
Everyone who knows us, often knows us through the lists and often also through the WUA Top 100, the annual hit parade of all the winners of our studies. In a list, there’s always someone at number one. That is important. Because: we have found that the best website in the market shows 52.6% more conversion than the number 2! At WUA we call this: “The winner takes all”, inspired by ABBA. It is therefore necessary to be the best in digital and get an excellent score in all areas so that people end up choosing you, and not competitor X or Y. And to be the best, you should not only look at yourself, but also and especially at others, keeping an eye on the competition and taking steps yourself. At WUA we call this: Think Outside Out. You should not look at yourself, you should look at yourself relative to the others.

WUA beliefs

We briefly showed how our model works, what we do, why we do it, and how we do it.

If you’re really listening to people and deeply address the key drivers of behaviour and motivation, you can tune your products or services to real needs. We are convinced that your products and services will become much better as a result.

  • We believe that listening to consumer feedback on how products and services are experienced yields a wealth of information that enables and incentivises businesses to address issues directly. Companies that put customers and Man first in this way and who are serious about this, are the companies of the future. Companies that do not do this, will no longer have a right to exist in the short term.
  • We believe that you should learn from winners. It accelerates getting digital results, and shortens your roadmap to success. By benchmarking and listening to the needs of your customers, you will see how you’re doing compared to your competition. You will clearly see your own digital obstacles, best practices inside and outside your industry, and the associated areas for improvement.

WUA Mission

At WUA we want to help businesses organize the very best digital customer experience across all digital touchpoints and all customer journeys within these touchpoints. We believe that this can only be achieved by benchmarking and optimizing at customer journey level. Together with our customers we spend every day working on the most comprehensive, high-quality digital experience benchmark in the world to support our customers with their digital roadmap. Every study that we conduct makes our benchmark more valuable, and our customers benefit from that on a daily basis.

WUA Core Values


Our research results are for sale, but you cannot buy research results at WUA. Logical, right? All surveys are conducted for WUA and the results and data are proprietary to us. The order of all the rankings that we publish is based on the opinions of our respondents, and nothing else.


WUA was founded by Klaas and Henk Kroezen, over eight years ago. Where we are now, is largely due to the entrepreneurship of the two founders, but also very much due to our customers. By taking risks together with our clients, listening to them carefully and thinking with them, we’ve added a lot of value and are able to constantly innovate with new products and services. In The Netherlands as well as abroad.

Game changers

We are real game changers, we’re constantly improving our products and we are not satisfied with the status quo. Good isn’t good enough. Our Web Performance Scan is unique, just like our benchmark database. In order to continue to guarantee our quality, we only work with the best web experts and the best researchers. These people are permanent employees, or hired as our flexible team of professionals. We have a long working relationship with all of our freelancers.


Our respondents evaluate digital domains and service tasks, just like the average potential customer would do, on the basis of common sense. As a company, we have very high ambitions, but we remain human and accessible.
We also believe that our people and our team, the people and partners we work with, are more important than sales and profits. If people are having fun with us, are operating in the right place and are therefore able to get the most out of themselves every day, commercial result comes naturally.

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