Client Case Studies

WUA empowers a great many companies with the improvement of the customer experience and to increase digital conversion. Below you find some case studies:


Result: (Among others) a +265% increase in signed private lease contracts
Product: Digital Sales Scan

The Digital Sales Scan Private Lease helped Suzuki to define what kind of work needed to be done on the website. This led to improvements in Customer Experience and User design. And with effect: Suzuki rose from a 20th to a 6th place in a year.

Case T-Mobile Thuis WUA


Result: Digital order value grew by 100% over 1 year
Product: Digital Sales Scan

Continuous optimization is a daily task for T-Mobile’s team in the Netherlands. Yet the distance to KPN and Ziggo remained great in the past: they had to compete against the high brand awareness, and there was a need for a fresh look and a different perspective on the customer journey.

With the Digital Sales Scan Deep-Dive (2017) and the Digital Sales Scan Telecom Package Tracker (quarterly measurement throughout 2018) WUA helps T-Mobile Home to close the gap with the competition.


Product: Usability Research

Usability research at the WUA Nextlevel Usability Lab in Amsterdam was used to develop the RevenYOU app and website. Before the website and app went live for users, people with an interest in trading were asked to test the app-prototype. With feedback of these users, changes were made to the design, text, and flow of the app and website. With Usability research on the website (December 2018) and the app (January 2019), WUA helps RevenYOU to made decision on improving their Customer Experience and User design.

Liander Client Case Thumbnail


Liander has more than 3 million customers that mostly turn to Liander (through digital channels) when something goes wrong. At that moment, during a power outage, it’s vital the right information is presented quickly, and customers shouldn’t be bothered with questionnaires about service experiences. That means the service experience needs to be researched in a task-oriented study, and this is how WUA helps Liander: with both quantitative (Web Service Scan) and qualitative (usability) digital service research.

Recruitment website of Achmea


The Achmea recruitment website had been undergoing a drastic improvement for some time. Halfway through 2017, the decision was taken to completely rebuild the website. In December 2017 Achmea decided to work with WUA and to purchase the Recruitment Best Practice Report 2017-2018.

The construction of the new recruitment website was started in January. On the basis of the best practices in the report, Achmea was able to learn from the approach taken by, among others, Deloitte, the Dutch government, ING, PWC, and Coolblue.


In the first quarter of 2018, the marketing and digital team at Greenchoice focused on improving the digital touchpoint for the energy business proposition. They improved the look&feel, sharpened the proposition and improved in content creation and readability. With great first improvements before the research (such as a 37% increase in traffic), Greenchoice wanted to take it to the next level and focus on the digital experience.

What do potential customers think about this new digital environment, in relation to the competition? That is where WUA came in, and the results are very interesting.

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