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Client Case: Industry Recruitment

Mitchell van Koert

“The WUA Recruitment Benchmark Report is a very useful addition to this new Recruitment project!”

Mitchell van Koert, Manager Recruitment Marketing & Employer Branding Achmea

Achmea’s Challenge & WUA’s Solution

The Achemea recruitment website had been undergoing a drastic improvement for some time. Halfway through 2017, the decision was made to completely rebuild the website. In Q4 2017 Endouble was contracted for the construction of the website.

In December 2017 Achmea decided to work with WUA and to purchase the Recruitment Best Practice Report 2017-2018. The construction of the new recruitment website was started in January. Based on the best practices in the report, Achmea was able to learn from the approaches of, among others, Deloitte, the Dutch government, ING, PWC,, and Coolblue.

Topline results of this Achmea & WUA Partnership

Werken bij Achmea
  • Best practices used in design sprints 1 & 2

  • Best practices usable long term during optimization

  • Best practices used to support the choices made by Achmea

For this WUA client case, we spoke to Mitchell van Koert, Manager Recruitment Marketing at Achmea in July 2018. About how he utilised the report and the best practices, and about the roadmap to a completely new Career website.

Hi Mitchell, how far along are you with this project? Is everything running smoothly?

“The site is now 80% complete, and is live. At the end of July 2018 we’re starting the second construction sprint. Feel free to take a look ;)”

How useful was the report in your opinion, and how did you use it?

“I think it’s a good report with very good best practices, and therefore a very useful addition to this new Career project. We also chose to deviate from the report at specific moments: I want to prevent that we offer too much uniformity.”

“On the homepage of the new website we’ve placed a vacancy tool that helps you navigate to the optimal vacancy. Based on the best practices from this WUA report, we have left the tool where it was, but based on the evidence from the report, we also added a standard search bar. We also used that evidence to show the number of vacancies that we have on the home page.”

You consider the timing around the use of this report quite determinative. Can you tell us more about that?

“When we started using this report, we were at 70% of the design of the site as it is now (July 2018, MvdB). There are advantages and disadvantages to this timing. If, like us, you are already at 70%, there are already a few sacred cows in the design. You then may have to question them on the basis of feedback from potential employees and yes, that can be a little bit painful.

“You no longer build a site for 7 or 8 years. You are going live with an MVP-like site, which means that there will be several releases, that we will deliver several times, and that we will also design several times. This means that you are agile. If certain parts run less well, we can also use this report to optimize further!”

What are big professional (digital) challenges for you right now?

“The digital landscape is fragmenting, with talent spreading across many niche sites and social media channels. In addition, there are a number of large parties that have a lot of influence and power over the journey of applicants. I expect that the role of these parties, such as Indeed, LinkedIn but also Facebook and Google, will continue to increase. Your Career website is therefore no longer automatically part of the online journey of potential applicants.

This means it is essential to provide optimum added value for visitors who do visit the Career website. Expectations go up because job applicants as online consumers are used to high-quality UX. It is essential to implement that experience as a company on your Career website.”


Best Practice Recruitment

In this Recruitment Best Practice Report 2017-2018 we give the 15 most important lessons for an optimal recruitment websites with tips and tricks to implement on your own website with each lesson.

best practice recruitment


Achmea is perhaps the best-known insurer in The Netherlands. The labels and brands that fall under Achmea range from Zilveren Kruis to Inshared and FBTO. Achmea was founded in 1811, 10 million customers are insured through its 10 brands.

With approximately 12,000 employees, Achmea is active in 5 countries in Europe, and also in Australia (source: Wikipedia).


Learning from the best in the recruitment market

At WUA, we believe that looking at and learning from what others do helps you get on the quickest path to excellent digital customer experiences and on your roadmap for Digital Excellence in the recruitment market. Learning from the best is inspiring, growth-accelerating and efficient: reinventing the digital wheel is possible, but while you’re doing this, competition is lurking.

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