Usability research helped RevenYOU
to make a decision on CX/UX

“Usability research: it’s good to make decisions based on consumer feedback”
Colin Groos, Founder RevenYOU

RevenYOU’s challenge and WUA’s solution

Usability research at the WUA Nextlevel Usability Lab in Amsterdam was used to develop the RevenYOU app and website. Before the website and app went live for users, people with an interest in trading were asked to test the app-prototype. With feedback of these users changes were made to the design, text and flow of the app and website.

With a Usability research on the website (December 2018) and the app (January 2019), WUA helps RevenYOU to made decision on improving their Customer Experience and User design.

Topline Results: Partnership RevenYOU & WUA

  • Website design greatly improved after Usability Research
  • Chance to make sure potential customers understand this yet unknown way of investing
  • Helping improve the onboarding program of the RevenYOU app

For this WUA Client case, we spoke to Colin Groos at RevenYOU in March 2019. RevenYOU used Usability research to pre-test their website and app. This way they ensured their digital experience was validated by potential customers and they could improve their customer journey before the big launch. In this interview, read all about the collaboration with our research team and RevenYOU’s project team, the follow-up of the recommendations WUA gave to improve conversion, and more about RevenYOU’s future digital challenges.

The app is almost live! Are you looking forward to the launch?

“Definitely. I’m also very curious about what will come up after we go live. It’s hard to predict these things. When we launch the app, we’ll get so much data, which then means we’ll have so much to optimize and improve. We’ll have to wait and see whether everything works the way we think it’ll work…”

How do you look back on the usability day and all the recommendations you’ve received? What did it do to the team?

“I was present during the second Usability day, when the consumers navigated the website. It was incredibly useful. The goal of the Usability day for us was: collect feedback by letting respondents thoroughly browse our website, while the right questions are being asked. This painted a very clear picture, and offered us the possibility of quickly adjusting.”

“And it was good to watch along with our clients, as a team, gives you so much energy. You’re looking at what you’ve done. It’s also very useful to make decisions based on consumer feedback. Whereas you’d usually base your decisions on gut feeling, it’s very nice to look at things with a third party.”

“A Usability day also offers so much input that you can work with immediately. There’s a lot that has to be done, and the team has to be guided through this. Texts have to be adjusted, a designer has to take another look at the design, and the website’s creator can make some final changes to the website.”

What are the most important learnings and results? How do you utilize the insights?

“One very important learning is that we kept talking about ICOs on our website, while the product itself wasn’t quite as central. It turned out to be incredibly important to potential consumers to know exactly what they’re investing in, and how it works. This insight led to a drastic change of the flow and content of the website.”

“And furthermore… my business partner, Michiel, was present at the Usability ‘app’ day. The app flow was fine, we designed this with the help of a design agency, and had a number of small things that had to be adjusted, which we acted on with our app developers immediately.”

What are your current greatest digital challenges?

“At this moment, it’s going live with our app, which will be launched entirely in English. That will then lead to the next new challenge: online advertising. Making RevenYOU known through flyers, online ads, social media. Europe is first, we’ve got a plan of action ready to go for every country. After Europe, we’re interested in Asia. We’re seeing a lot of opportunity in the development of phone brand Huawei. This phone producer installs its app store on its phones by default. Our challenge is to get our product into that Huawei store. To get there, our app has to meet a number of technological requirements, which is something we’ll work on after we go live.”

So… a Chinese Usability day is coming up?

“Yes, or a Japanese or Korean.”

Latest insights about Usability Research

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RevenYOU is a social trading platform where the power of algorithm bots, the wisdom of the crowd and A.I. is used to change the investment industry. RevenYOU makes trading easily accessible to those without a thorough understanding of stocks and indexes. The “bots” (automated trading strategies) are made by developers from all over the world who will be creating and publishing thousands of these strategies. The app user chooses a strategy (low, medium or high risk) and picks out a bot after carefully reading about its track record and what kind of trades the bot makes.