How Suzuki had an increase of 265% private lease contracts after website improvements


How Suzuki had an increase of 265% private lease contracts after website improvements

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Suzuki’s challenge and WUA’s solution

With the Digital Sales Scan Suzuki improved their Private Lease website. The most important implementation was the addition of the private lease checkout and order now button, resulting in twice as many leads send to private lease dealers and a 265% growth in private lease contracts via the website.

The Digital Sales Scan Private Lease helped Suzuki to define what kind of work needed to be done on the website. This led to improvements in Customer Experience and User design.

Peter van Dartel - Suzuki

“Looking at our website and business model with a fresh look helped us improve”

Peter van Dartel, Conversion and Retail Innovation Manager at Nimag B.V.

Top Line Results from the Suzuki & WUA Partnership

  • Twice as many applications send to dealers
  • A strong increase in the amount of contracts: +265%

  • 544 configurations send by email

Digital Sales Scan Automotive

The digital marketing landscape is ever-changing, that is why every 6 months a new benchmark study is conducted in the automotive industry. For each study between 200 and 400 respondents are asked to either look for a new car, an automobile to lease, renting a vehicle or shop for new tires. In these online orientation studies, consumers are free to choose through which company they would purchase their car or tires and where they would rent or lease one.

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About Suzuki

Suzuki produces cars that use smart, thoughtful innovations, and is recommended by the Consumer Association as “the most reliable car in its class”. Suzuki has a dense network of dealers, to ensure the consumers is buying a car that is fair and affordable to purchase and use. Next to cars, Suzuki manufactures four-wheel drive vehicles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, outboard marine engines, wheelchairs, and other small internal combustion engines.

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