How T-Mobile Home Doubled their Conversion with
More Successful A/B Tests

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“This research is a breeding ground for more successful a/b tests and hypotheses”
Maarten van der Gugten, Online Sales Manager T-Mobile Home

T-Mobile’s challenge and WUA’s solution

Continuous optimization is a daily task for T-Mobile’s team in the Netherlands. Yet the distance to KPN and Ziggo remained great in the past: they had to compete against the high brand awareness, and there was a need for a fresh look and a different perspective on the customer journey.

With the Digital Sales Scan Deep-Dive (2017) and the Digital Sales Scan Telecom Package Tracker (quarterly measurement throughout 2018) WUA helps T-Mobile Home to close the gap with the competition.

Topline Results: Partnership T-Mobile Home & WUA

  • Doubling the conversion (based on more successful A/B tests)
  • A strong increase in sales of higher value packages with higher internet speeds, leading to a strong growth in online sales
  • Ranking WUA: Jan 2015 #7 – July 2015 #5 – Jan 2016 #4 – Jan 2017 #4 – Jan 2018 #5

For this WUA client case, we spoke with Maarten van der Gugten from T-Mobile Home in July 2018.

Below is a short interview with Maarten van der Gugten about how T-Mobile Home have used the Digital Sales Scan report and action workshop to set up several successful (prize-winning) A/B tests.

Hi Maarten, how are you getting on with the implementation of the recommendations and learnings?
“We see that findability remains a challenge for T-Mobile Home, which is evident from the reports. The challenge within T-Mobile Home is that we propagate to the market that we are a full-fledged FMC player, and a great alternative to KPN and Ziggo. From the Q2 Tracker we discussed recently, we see that we’re lagging behind when it comes to Look & Feel. The point of action resulting from this is that we will make our brand more human. That’s also the gist of the new commercial we have just launched.”

What are the most important learnings and results? How do you utilize the insights?
“With the previous Trackers, we mainly received learnings at the level of quick wins, a lot of input for A/B testing. With the Q2 Tracker, we received a lot of input to improve the reliability of our brand. We have seen that there are also challenges that cannot be solved quickly. This concerns, for example, the personalization of our brand. As a digital team, we can’t resolve this just like that. With a larger organization like ours, logically more stakeholders are needed to make decisions about this. The insights help us to involve various stakeholders, taking a direction that will potentially offer a solution. Fortunately, there are insights we could utilize immediately. In order to increase the reliability of T-Mobile Home, various A/B tests are ready to go: these are mainly related to social proof. We expect a lot from this!”

“The latest Q2 Tracker has made it very clear to us that online conversion is not only determined by how you’ve set up your funnel. Brand experience and recognition also play a crucial role. That sounds logical, but we now also have it as a “burden of proof” in writing, through direct customer feedback. And letting the customer talk, that’s crucial, that’s what we do it for. That makes this research not only very valuable for us as a digital team, but also for other departments such as the brand & communications team and the UX team.”

More successful A/B testing: The results

Based on the research, the digital team at T-Mobile Home have set up multiple A/B tests and successfully executed them. The results can be seen in the slides below, with very specific percentage increases for order values, and an uplift in online conversion.