The Digital Excellence Program

The digital services and sales you deliver shouldn’t be good. They should be amazing. In fact, it should be your digital challenge to be the very best, because you know that this is how you get the highest conversion, increase the loyalty of your customers, and lower call centre costs. WUA! are happy to help you take on this challenge. Welcome to the Digital Excellence Program.

The Digital Excellence Program: An introduction

At WUA! 8 years of research into online orientation processes and customer journeys has shown us: In Digital, The Winner takes all… de best website in the market shows 52.3% more revenue than number two. This fact is remarkable and leads to two very important conclusions.

  • You need to compare yourself to the competition, otherwise you cannot estimate your own sales and service performance.
  • If the differences in conversion are so large between number 1 and number 2, you need to make sure that you are the best.
Learn from competitors and organizations in other sectors. Nationally as well as internationally.

Look at yourself relative to the others

At WUA! we believe in structural benchmark checks, not only relative to your direct competitors, but also relative to the best in your sector or outside it. By constantly benchmarking yourself and your results, you are making digital steps towards excellent experiences and excellent customer journeys at both sales and service levels. At WUA! we call this “Think Outside Out”. It isn’t about what your customer thinks of you or your competition, it’s about what this customer thinks of you compared to that competition.

Most online marketers only look at the conversion they achieve themselves, which they will then optimize. But almost everyone knows that your potential customers are also checking the website of your competitor. An average conversion of 3% means that 97% is ignored, and that is where you can find the real potential to grow!

Why is that 97% not buying from you, but from your competitor instead? Answer this question, and you will turn this group into customers too. However, this question can only  be answered if you change your perspective: Think Outside Out!

Think Big & Go Incremental

At WUA! we believe in ambitious targets and manageable incremental steps towards that ambitious goal. You determine those steps by constantly measuring where you stand.

You also need to measure constantly whether you are taking the right steps. Small steps are easier to adjust. The WUA! Benchmark is particularly suitable for providing this insight and control – not only relative to your direct competition, but also relative to the best outside your sector or even the best worldwide. The best inspire you to define ambitious targets – the best digital experience you can imagine.

At WUA! we work for companies such as ABN AMRO, Vodafone, and CZ amongst others. For them we measure structurally different sales and service customer journeys. Where do they stand compared to the competition? Where do they perform well and which areas are in need of extra attention? What are the concrete points for improvement, and how do these need to be implemented? If necessary, we will delve deeper with usability studies using eye-tracking at our location. You could summarize the cycle as follows:

  • Gain insight into where you stand
  • Determine your priorities
  • Delve deeper with additional research where necessary
  • Implement concrete points for improvement
  • Evaluate, learn, and go back to point 1

Our Digital Excellence Program isn’t a snapshot: it is a structural program with a clear research cycle with a dynamic approach. The intensive collaboration is focused on continuous measuring and improvement in incremental steps, not based on instinct but on what (potential) customers are actually experiencing.

Digital Excellence Program: Deliverables

  • WUA!’s Digital Excellence Program is a benchmark study that maps the digital service experience in a structural way, using clever mix of research solutions.
  • The reports delivered by WUA! show both the qualitative and the quantitative sides of the case in organized PowerPoint reports with quantitative performance scores in the areas of Look&Feel, Brand, Offerings, and Findability.
  • The Digital Excellence Program delivers a clear annual approach with a clear research cycle where the goal is to constantly improve the online service and sales environment. Pain points and areas for improvement, but also the successes and the effects of previous improvements are mapped.
  • During the studies, important points for improvement are discovered, which can be implemented immediately by online teams that deal with digital service and sales journeys. Usability scans and eye-tracking can be used in the annual approach if desired, in order to provide deeper insight and make the study more tangible.