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Find out how to improve NPS and CES, increase call reduction and learn from the best in the Digital Service Whitepaper.

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Download the latest edition of the WUA Best Practices report. A document chock-full of the very best examples in CX from our sales studies in 8 different industries.

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White Paper: Usability Research

Recently we expanded the usability lab at WUA HQ in Amsterdam with neuro tooling. Read all about it in this free white paper.

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Digital Excellence Monitor 2018 (Dutch)

Digital Excellence Monitor 2018

Digital Excellence Monitor, dé jaarlijkse digital customer experience benchmark. Wie zet de beste customer experience neer? Hoe doet jouw organisatie het ten opzichte van de competitie?

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The Digital Excellence Challenge

We held 23 in-depth interviews with the digital leads and winners of our benchmark studies. What do these winners have in common? What is their secret and magic formula for digital dominance? What are the most important challenges they face? How do they excel in the digital arena and what does their roadmap for digital success look like? And most important: What can YOU learn from them.

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