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Win Drivers Online Before They Hit the Showroom

Digital customer experience in the automotive industry

Car models and styles change almost as quickly as customer expectations of online experiences. WUA gives you the actionable insights to you need to adapt your digital experiences for your drivers to be. Stay ahead in the race against the competition by implementing best practices across the global automotive industry.


How WUA can help you lead the automotive digital experience

  • Learn why customers choose to buy, lease, or rent a car from you. And why they don’t. Better yet, we make sure you’ll get them behind the wheel next time.
  • Align your teams around the customer. We make sure your internal teams are aligned and focused to provide world class digital experiences.
  • Turn your new drivers into loyal customers for life. Through benchmarking self-service web and app portals, we ensure customers can find the answers they’re looking for.

Benchmarked Journeys in the Automotive Industry

The digital marketing landscape is ever-changing, that is why every 6 months a new benchmark study is conducted in the automotive industry. For each study between 200 and 400 respondents are asked to either look for a new car, an automobile to lease, renting a vehicle or shop for new tires. In these online orientation studies, consumers are free to choose through which company they would purchase their car or tires and where they would rent or lease one.

  • Car Buying
    How do customers experience your website and those of your competitors when searching for a new or used car?

  • Car Lease
    How do customers experience your website and those of your competitors when searching for a lease car?

  • Car Rental
    How do customers experience your website and those of your competitors when searching for a rental car?

  • Car Tires
    How do customers experience your website and those of your competitors when searching for a new tires?

Research Calendar

Our unique Digital Experience Benchmark includes over 27,000+ websites & apps and offers a global perspective on digital sales and service customer journeys. Every year we study more than 50 customer journeys. Below is an overview of all planned studies in the automotive industry. Is your journey not on the list? Get in touch and let’s make it happen!

Results & Insights

View the latest results and insights from our most recent studies in the automotive industry.

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What could a Digital CX study mean for you?

Are you wondering how you can improve the conversion of your website compared to your competitors? So more customers will choose you? Then take a look at the WUA Digital Sales Scan.

WUA doesn’t just study your website, we also look at the websites of your competitors and the best websites in the sector. This way, you will get a direct and honest idea of where you stand in your market, and which improvements will give the best return.

In our studies we utilize the renewed Digital Sales Scan. This scan is characterized by:

  • A minimum of 200 – 400 respondents selected by renowned panel providers.
  • In-depth funnel analysis: what do customers say about your website, the websites of your competitors, and the best websites in other industries?
  • A high predictive value where to increase conversion, thanks to the validated research design.
  • Detailed, clear, and practical research report, for better internal understanding and support.
  • Practical, concrete actions to increase the conversion of your website based on your customers’ perspective. This approach is the only way to know with certainty what you need to do to increase your conversions.

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