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Customer Experience Benchmarking

Benchmarking the Current Account market

We ask hundreds of real consumers to go online, and search for a Current Account. Who do they find? What do they experience when it comes to Brand, Product Offer, and Look & Feel? Who do they choose? And of course: why? And... why not? This information and more is captured, quantitatively and qualitatively with our in-house questionnaire and software.

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  • Market Overview with Findability, Conversion and Preference

  • Digital Sales Performance: The full Digital Sales Score ranking

  • Digital CX Performance: The full Digital CX Score ranking

What a Digital CX Benchmark study means for your online sales

Are you wondering how you can improve your websites’ conversion rate based on client feedback? Do you want to boost online sales? Take a global perspective on your digital customer experience against the competition with our international Digital Experience Benchmark and beat the best in digital.

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The Dashboard

Hands-on dashboard to activate your teams

  • Digital Interactive Dashboard
    An online digital dashboard with all quantitative and qualitative data through time.​

  • How does your website rank vs the competition?
    All scores and answers about you and your competition.

  • Key strengths and weaknesses​
    What are the main priorities based on predictive modelling?

  • Insights on Findability​
    Get understanding how your competitors are doing in terms of direct, paid and organic traffic.

  • Get a grip on the full journey from a customers perspective
    Know where to prioritize. The full dashboard is available within 2 working days​

The Deepdive

Learn from Best Practices of 28.000+ websites

  • A full-expert analysis by senior customer journey experts
    Get a fresh look at your funnel with world-class recommendations

  • Detailed Funnel analysis of the complete customer journey
    With screenshots that show how and where to improve
  • Key best practices
    From your direct competition, best in industry, best in class and the best website worldwide
  • Actionable recommendations
    Concrete (data driven) and actionable recommendations to improve the Customer Experience
  • Management summary
    Including overall conclusions and concrete recommendations.​

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