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Discover what you can learn from the best-in-class websites in finance and how to optimize your investment banking sales journey(s), all based on validated customer experience research.

Roos Rieu
Customer Success Manager

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The Research

Every measurement, we ask 400+ consumers on smartphone and desktop to go online and search for a investment banking account. Which websites do they find? What do they experience? From whom do they decide to buy? And, of course: why? Or why not?

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Customer Experience Benchmarking

Benchmarking the Investment Banking Account market

We ask hundreds of real consumers to go online, and search for a Investment Banking Account. Who do they find? What do they experience when it comes to Brand, Product Offer, and Look & Feel? Who do they choose? And of course: why? And... why not? This information and more is captured, quantitatively and qualitatively with our in-house questionnaire and software.