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Discover what you can learn from the best-in-class websites in Telecom, boost online sales and accelerate digital growth with the Digital Experience Dashboard.

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What we do in our Digital Experience Benchmark studies…

We test with hundreds of potential customers what they think of your website compared to all the others in your market. We ask them to find, compare, and choose a product or service online.

In the interactive dashboard below…

We show a glimpse of our data. There is much more (ask a Full Demo here)! Navigate through the screens to find multicountry data on: Conversion, Preference, CX-Scores and much more.

This dashboard is not fully optimised for small screens. Please rotate your device to landscape mode or visit this page on a desktop computer or a tablet.

Full Digital Experience dashboard available now

This Dashboard is just a sneak peek of all the data we’ve gathered in these customer experience studies on taking out a mobile phone with plan for business. The complete dataset, based on more than 3.000 website evaluations, is now available for you to benefit within 2 days.

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