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Why WUA?

Achieve higher customer satisfaction ánd increase UX and conversion rates by focusing on the consumer perspective.

Why WUA?

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Every year we study more than 50 customer journeys. See all planned studies in the travel industry.

Research Calendar

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Guus van Esch
Digital Research Consultant

Digital customer experience in the travel industry

Customer expectations of online experiences change quickly. WUA gives you the actionable insights that you need to adapt your digital experiences for your customers to be. Stay ahead in the race against the competition by implementing best practices across the global travel industry.


How WUA can help you lead the travel digital experience

  • Learn why customers choose to book their airplane tickets , family holiday or hotel stay with you. And why they don’t. Better yet, we make sure you’ll get them to book with you next time.

  • Align your teams around the customer. We make sure your internal teams are aligned and focused to provide world class digital experiences.

  • Turn your new buyers into loyal customers for life. Through benchmarking self-service web and app portals, we ensure customers can find the answers they’re looking for.

Benchmarked Journeys in the Travel Industry

The digital marketing landscape is ever-changing, that is why every journey in t