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The Digital Service Scan

How do customers experience your smartphone app or the digital service on your website? How do you score on this compared to your competitors? Find out with the WUA! Digital Service Scan.

The customer would rather deal with it themselves

70% of consumers prefer to deal with service questions themselves via a website or app, without the need for a phone call. Think about changing their address, their subscription, or checking their balance.
The easier you customer can find their own way using your online service channels, the greater the loyalty and satisfaction, and the lower your call centre costs.

Digital Service Scan


More contact = more opportunities

The online service channel is no longer just a cost, but mainly an opportunity to serve your customers better and bring other products and services to their attention. With the Digital Service Scan you can discover the needs of your customers.

Compare yourself to the best

WUA! has been carrying out the Digital Service Scan since 2010 for organizations like Vodafone, ING, ABN Amro, SNS Bank, KPN, Liberty Global, Essent, Nuon, VGZ, CZ, Zilveren Kruis and Menzis.
We utilize the Customer Effort Score (CES) and Net Promotor Score (NPS), allowing you to benchmark across sectors. You will get the best practices of your own market, and where possible from other sectors.


This is how the Digital Service Scan works



Determine cases for the customer journey

We determine in consultation the cases we will present to your customers based on the main questions from your call centre. We will also map the exact same customer journeys with your competitors with their customers. Before and after login, if possible.



Carrying out research

We carry out the research with a large group of respondents that are genuine customers of yours. We will map how the respondents experience their customer journey with you quantitatively and qualitatively. Rationally: is your customer able to find the right answer in a quick and logical way? Emotionally: does your customer really feel like the organization understands them? And that you as an organization really want to help your customer?
We will carry out the same study with your competitors and their customers.



Analysis and Action workshop

We will then analyse the results and present the results in a report and inspiring presentation at your office. Optionally including an action workshop to directly link actions to the recommendations.
You will get a razor sharp picture with supporting screenshots of how your customer journey scores compared to the competition.
Suppose that you’ve scored 6 on your important customer journey. Your competitor scored 7.1 – and outside the sector there are providers that score above 8 on the same customer journey. Who would you like to learn from?
You will also see, just like in our orientation surveys, how your brand and the look & feel of the website or app score. As a result, you can clearly see with reports and screenshots what can be improved. You and your team can start immediately. The follow-up study will show your progress and which steps to take next.

Service Flow

Service Flow

These companies benefit from the WUA! Digital Service Scan: