Become our expert guide in the digital customer journey!

…by learning from the best

The WUA Digital Customer Journey Traineeship offers you all the necessary skills to become an expert in creating the ultimate online customer experience. To help you on your quest, you’ll receive training and coaching every Friday at the WUA office. The rest of the week you put your skills to the test in the digital teams of world-renowned brands such as KLM and Samsung. After 1,5 years of training on the job, you’ll be offered a position at the client, having gained valuable expertise and personal development in the process. See the details below.

How does a general week of traineeship look like?

Every Friday, you’ll receive training at our headquarters, located on the Herengracht in the heart of Amsterdam. The day starts with an energizing cup of coffee before we get going. Mornings, in general, are used for training. Think of refining your hard skills in data analysis, data science, BI, Google Analytics, SEO, CRO, A/B testing and marketing intelligence. Of course, we’ll also focus on your soft skill set such as communication styles and personal development. After that, it’s usually lunchtime. Time to sit together and share food and stories. In the afternoon we continue with 1-on-1 guidance and technical and business coaching. From Monday to Thursday you are part of the client’s digital team and work on optimizing the digital experience of their products and services.

Why should I join a traineeship at WUA?

In general, organisations tend to look only at their own data and insights when working on optimizing their websites. WUA goes beyond that: we compare website performances by doing thorough benchmark research. This gives WUA a unique market position (see our FAQ). Having your traineeship at WUA gives you the skills to approach customer experience and customer journey from a holistic and strategic point of view (see our FAQ). In other words, you’ll set yourself apart from the rest of your peers.

You’ll gain significant advantage in:

  • Thinking from the digital customer journey
  • Really understanding the need of the client or the customer and how to act on it
  • Knowing the strategies of the competition and the feedback of your website’s visitor
  • Research and increase NPS scores
  • Connecting the dots behind the analytics

WUA: A young, dynamic company in the heart of Amsterdam

A great office vibe, flexibility, and personal development is what we value most. Personal development isn’t just an option, for us, it’s a lifestyle! We often get together for social outings and every Friday afternoon we celebrate the week in our office or floating through the canals on our boat. At WUA we have a casual way of working mixed with a professional eagerness to provide quality. This is also reflected in our 8.7 customer satisfaction rate.

What we expect of you

A general understanding of WUA as a digital thought leader.

Apart from this, you:

  • Have a degree in digital business and / or digital marketing
  • Have a maximum of 1-year work experience after graduation
  • Are data-minded
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit and love to work in teams
  • Have an ambition to grow fast, both personally and professionally

Excited to join our young organisation and set yourself apart? Do you envision yourself to be the next Customer Journey Expert or Head of Digital? Learn from the best and apply now (Dutch)!

We’re always on the lookout for exceptional talent and have four intake moments per year.