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Digital Excellence Monitor Rapport

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What is the Digital Excellence Monitor 2017?

Together with our customers, we build the largest and best digital experience benchmark in the world. Benchmarking digital customer experience in both sales and service journeys, that’s what makes our hearts beat faster. In this report we have opted, as in the 2016 edition, to go deep into the underlying digital experience themes from the WUA Web Performance Model: Look & Feel, Offer and Brand.

Just like last year, the theme Findability (to be found as part of the orientation process) is omitted in determining the rankings. Spontaneous brand or brand recognition, the purchase of paid traffic, SEO and SEA: it does not play a (decisive) role in the Final Score of the Digital Excellence Monitor. The Monitor zooms in on the customer experience themes, and thus on the direct website experience of the consumer. This creates a different picture with other parties at the top than the Digital Sales Scan rankings published by WUA that reflect the complete picture of the customer journey including Findability, Preference, and conversion.

Learn from the best: Best practices & interviews

The report also includes 25 best practices of the best websites per industry on the three customer experience themes. How important is overview for a mobile experience, how do you deploy USPs successfully, how do you manage service expectations, and much more. You will also find in-depth interviews with digital professionals from companies in the rankings, such as KPN, Monuta, ANWB, trivago and Nuon. Use them as inspiration to improve your customer experience.