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Welcome to the 2018 edition of the Digital Excellence Monitor, the ultimate annual digital customer experience benchmark of The Netherlands. A broad range of devices and subscriptions, excellent use of (Dutch) language, and a tastefully designed product detail page. These are a sampling of the points that lead to high scores on customer experience for the number 1 in the telecom industry, On smartphone, wins. On Brand, it even slightly outperforms the well-known KPN. But on Offer, too, performs well. Download the complete report for the analysis, winners’ quotes, and 13 Best Practices.

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Response from winners KPN and Telfort

Peter Sonke - KPN Telfort

“The (digital) customer experience is the new arena where companies fight for the customer’s favor. That we’re able to compete successfully in this arena with both KPN and Telfort is because we’re consistently, continuously focused on each and every customer experience. Every single day.”

Peter Sonke, Director Online - KPN en Telfort

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The Digital Excellence Monitor 2018 is a benchmark report that offers insight into the customer experience of Dutch consumers for the purchase of a product or service in 7 important industries that WUA has studied (in 2017 – 2018). Here, you can view the rankings for each industry. Download the complete report for the analysis, winners’ quotes, and 13 Best Practices for all 7 industries.

Digital Excellence Monitor Insurance


Never before was there a Golden Winner in the WUA Benchmark. Now, that moment has come: for the 10thtime in a row, is crowned the winner of the study on car insurance. A unique achievement! The website also performs well in user experience: this year, gets the best overall scores of the entire insurance industry. ANWB also takes the lead on smartphone.

Digital Excellence Monitor Finance

Finance takes the lead on desktop, and makes its comeback this year in all of the 10 finance studies WUA conducted this year. We also see remarkable results with they’re the winners on smartphone, and rise an astounding 20 places compared to last year. In the orientation on a checking and savings account, ASN gets the highest scores on both Offer and Brand.

Digital Excellence Monitor Automotive


They’ve got it worked out: private car lease with ANWB. They score high on Brand in the 6 studies WUA conducted this year in the private lease market. After the insurance industry and the travel industry, is also the best on Brand in the automotive industry. On smartphone, they score no less than 5 points above on Brand.

Digital Excellence Monitor Energy


This year, we’re seeing an interesting shift in the desktop energy study: and are charging up the ranking. With a final score of 78, Engie forces last year’s winner,, back to second place. On smartphone, remains far ahead of the competition: with a final score of 7.9, they far outperform the Netherlands’ energy giants.

Digital Excellence Monitor B2B


Comparing all business studies we’ve done this year, we can see remarkable differences between industries. Energy providers, for example, perform relatively well, whereas the car industry is less stellar in customer experience.

Digital Excellence Monitor Travel


Mostly thanks to its incredibly solid brand, is the best in the travel industry on smartphone. The impressive score of 86 on Brand was the result in the study on going camping in France. The confidence in the classic ANWB brand remains huge, as we can also see in the automotive and insurance industries. Consumers also feel like the offer is broad.

The Numbers

We believe in benchmarking. You can learn, not only from the winner within a journey, but also from high-scoring websites within and outside of your industry. This WUA Digital Excellence Monitor 2018 report is based on the results of the Web Performance Scans WUA conducted between August 2017 and July 2018.