Digital Experience Dashboard

Discover what you can learn from the best-in-class websites globally, boost online sales and accelerate digital growth with the Digital Experience Dashboard.

Detailed insight on how consumers engage and experience your website, apps, and accounts versus the competition. At both local and global levels.

Integrate with PowerBI to empower teams to take informed actions to create customer-centric product journeys that delight, inspire, and convert.

Digital CX Dashboard - Sales

Your Digital Sales and Service Benchmark data with automated dashboards and analyses.

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The WUA Digital Experience Dashboard

Activate Your organization to Make digital customer experiences compete with cross-industry benchmarks

Your Digital Sales and Service Benchmark data with automated dashboards and analyses.

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Digital Customer Service Journeys

  • Executive Overview of Top Service Journeys & Customer Experience KPIs

    Based on Voice of Customer and Benchmark data, know where each service journey task stands on NPS, CES, Digital Service Score, and more.

  • Benchmark of Top Service Journeys & Drive Channel Preference

    Empower teams to become digital customer journey experts, drive digital adoption away from call-centers, satisfy customers with effective self-serve, and prioritize the actions that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

  • Measure and improve NPS at the service task level 

    Align your digital customer experiences at task level with your brand strategy and organization NPS.

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Digital CX Dashboard - Sales

Outcompete on Digital Sales Journeys

  • Total Grip on Your Customer Purchase Journeys

    Your top sales journeys bring in the most traffic and revenue. Use the dashboard to completely map out these journeys, know where each stands, and continuously optimize.

    Learn more about the Digital Sales Model

  • From Being Found Online to Purchase Decision and Order Process

    In our benchmark studies, we unleash hundreds of potential customers to find, compare, and choose a product or service online. Do they choose you? If so, why? And if not, why not?

    The quantitative and qualitative data tell you the story why, and where to improve.

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Hands-On Dashboard to Activate Your Teams

  • Benchmark to Improve Your Journeys Over Time

    Continuously benchmark to know which improvements are increasing your bottom line and what still needs to be improved.

  • Compare Your Scores Against Our Global Benchmark

    Benchmark real customer feedback against 26,000+ websites spanning 18 different countries and counting. Discover global best practices and identify priority areas for improvement.

  • Automated Analysis quickly identifies which DX aspects affect performance

    Connect the Dashboard with current systems in PowerBI. Match internal and 3rd party data against WUA’s Digital Experience KPIs for powerful data analytics.