Digital Sales Benchmark

  • Find out how you perform against your competition

  • Learn where to optimize your digital sales journeys to increase conversion

  • All based on validated customer experience research

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How it works

Improve Conversion & Boost Online Sales

  • Your Digital Performance KPI based on customer feedback
    Structurally optimize online conversion based on the customer feedback of hundreds of potential customers.

  • The right improvements for maximum impact
    Prioritize backlogs: know where to improve your digital customer journeys for maximum impact.

  • Available in tailored reports & interactive dashboards
    We deliver in customized tailored reports combined with energetic action workshops and we unlock the Benchmark via handson interactive Dashboarding.


How We Do It

The Research Setup

  • We ask at least 200 consumers per device to go online, search, and choose for a product or service, based on a realistic task. Who do they find? What do they experience when it comes to Brand, Product Offer, and Look & Feel?

  • And… Who do they choose? Why? Or why not? This information and more is captured, quantitatively and qualitatively with our in-house questionnaire and software.

Discover the possibilities
Digital Sales Scan Research Model

From Findability to Preference

The Digital Sales Model

  • The WUA Digital Sales Model consists of three themes in both the First Impression and the Further Look phase of the customer journey.

  • Per phase, all three themes consist of a set of open-ended and closed questions on information, products offered, contact options and brand image.