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More customers are choosing you

Suppose that 400 potential customers are currently looking for your product on the internet. What do they experience? Which sites are they visiting? Why are they buying from the competition instead of you? Only by continually listening to your potential customers you can really reach the top. With the Digital Sales Scan you will get a razor sharp image and concrete roadmap, so that more customers will choose you.



Learn from the winners

Each market has its own winner in online conversion, and each winner can teach you something. Years of research have resulted in WUA! having the largest conversion benchmark in The Netherlands. With the Digital Sales Scan you can immediately see how you score, and which best practices you can apply.

This is how the Digital Sales Scan works



Like in real life

Suppose that 400 potential customers are currently looking for your product on the internet. This is how the WUA! Digital Sales Scan works. We invite a representative group of respondents to search for your product or service via the internet. Each respondent is free to use their own search method, just like in real life.


Also look at your competitors

The Digital Sales Scan gives an in-depth and detailed picture of which websites the respondent is visiting, what their first impression is, and what considerations the respondent makes when deciding whether to buy from this site or not.

After having visited 5 websites, the respondent will make a definitive choice. During this online orientation process, your website will be evaluated against those of your competitors using a proven and validated benchmark model.


Concrete roadmap for your website

The conversion experts of WUA! will perform an in-depth analysis of the results of the study, focusing on your website. You will receive a detailed report with a concrete roadmap to increase your conversion.


A validated model

Your website will be fully mapped based on the three key topics Brand, Offerings, and Look & Feel. Where does the main priority lie to increase the conversion? Is it the brand? Is it your offerings? Or is it the look & feel of your website? WUA! can accurately predict what areas you should invest in. And which areas you should prioritize in order to become the best on the web. With a predictive value of more than 70%.

More about the Digital Sales Model

These companies benefit from the WUA! Digital Sales Scan: