Digital Sales Scan

With the WUA Digital Sales Scan, our researchers discover how consumers are experiencing your website and the websites of your competitors. WUA uncovers this valuable information by assigning at least 200 consumers on smartphone and/or 200 on desktop computers to go online, search for your product or service, and complete a realistic task.

The Digital Sales Benchmark

Our conversion optimization research always begins with the Digital Sales Benchmark. With the results of this study WUA knows who offers the best digital customer journey for any product or service sold online.

WUA asks at least 200 consumers per device to go online, search, and choose for a product or service, based on a realistic task. Who do they find? What do they experience when it comes to Brand, Product offer, and Look & Feel? Who do they choose? And of course: why? Or why not? This information and more is captured, quantitatively and qualitatively with our in-house questionnaire and software based on the Digital Sales Model®.

The Digital Sales Scan

The Digital Sales Scan is WUA’s flagship product for capturing the customer journey to improve your site’s conversion. It’s everything from the Best Practice report and full Deep Dive into your company’s website based on the latest measurement of your study. In addition to best practices and tracker measurements over time, custom-tailored actionable recommendations are made for your website. The findings are presented to your team in an action workshop to create immediate increases in conversion.

Example of our smart watch study: what is your Conversion compared to that of your competitor

Conversion optimization

Increase your conversion. Which knobs do you need to twist in order to deliver the best customer experience, and increase your conversion as a result? How do you ensure that your customers don’t drop out, and continue on your website when they orientate themselves on your product or service? What do you need to improve on, in order to stay ahead of the competition and conquer and retain the #1 market position? The WUA Digital Sales Scan paints a crystal-clear picture for you.

The right improvements for maximum results

Priorities. The Digital Sales Scan helps you set priorities by mapping the main obstacles that affect your conversion. From your potential customer’s point of view. The question is: where can you make the greatest impact? Through improving the brand? The look & feel? Or perhaps the product offer? With our validated Digital Sales Model, we are able to indicate with high certainty what you’ll need to do in order to make the greatest impact. Preferably, the multidisciplinary teams will start working on the recommendations immediately. WUA works with your team to prioritize the results of the study with an inspiring Action Workshops.

Tracker Report

The Tracker Report presents the data from any Digital Sales Study measurement against prior measurements of the same study. It includes the quantitative and qualitative feedback every step through the customer journey. With this information, your team can draw conclusions to improve the company website, and know how the site performed against the competition.

Know where you stand relative to the competition

Direction. The Digital Sales Scan gives you a crystal-clear image of where you stand relative to other players in the market. You’ll know exactly which elements trigger and prevents consumers to choose in a customer journey. Clear scores and figures enable you to see how well your website performs on various elements of the customer journey. Many organizations use this benchmark as a KPI to measure digital success.

Structural progress at a steady pace

The Digital Sales Scan gives insight into your digital progress over time. We make the customer experience on your digital channels measurable and insightful at a pace we determine together. Whether this is done per quarter, half-yearly, or annually. We also map the competition at regular intervals. This way, you have insight into your digital performance and you will keep an eye on the competition.

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Best Practices Report

Everything from the Tracker Report plus WUA’s expert analysis of the market to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, triggers and barriers. Our experts will explain the best practices within and outside the product market, industry, and country. Learn from the best practices in your market and beyond to implement on your own site.

Learn from the best!

Best practices. Learn from the best players in the market through best practices from the study as well as other industries in the WUA benchmark. You don’t need to reinvent the digital wheel. With the Digital Sales Scan reports, WUA paints a crystal-clear picture for you of the best practices at screenshot level.

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From Research to Action!

Implement to Succeed. With both the Best Practice Report and the Digital Sales Scan, one of WUA’s Digital Experts will present the results of the Digital Sales Study to you and your teams. Our experts will lead your team through problem areas on your website, and help your teams set priorities and concrete next steps.

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