Digital Service Benchmark

How do customers experience the digital service on your website or smartphone app? How do you score on this compared to your competitors? Find out with the WUA! Digital Service Benchmark

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Your customers would rather deal with it themselves

70% of consumers prefer to deal with service questions themselves via a website or app, without the need for a phone call. This applies to, for instance, changing their address or checking their latest invoice or balance. The easier your customer can find their own way using your online service channels, the bigger the loyalty and satisfaction.

Get a grip on your digital customer service quality

The Digital Service Benchmark gives you a quantitative grip on your service quality on specific tasks and services journeys, and also delivers the qualitative perspective on the “why” of the good and bad of your digital service levels. The Digital Service Benchmark is a one stop shop for digital service: it delivers all you need to know to increase your digital service quality: we utilize the Customer Effort Score (CES) and Net Promoter Score (NPS), give you channel preference insights, deliver rankings on customer loyalty and pointers for call reduction.

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The Digital Service Model

The Digital Service Model consists of three layers: functional, rational, and emotional. Functional studies whether the path from question to solution exists at all on the website; rational covers the simplicity of the path. Emotional scores the feeling customers have during the process of solving a service question, and to what extend their feelings are positively influenced during their journey.

Digital Experience Dashboard for service journeys

  • Executive Overview of Top Service Journeys & Customer Experience KPIs

    Based on Voice of Customer and Benchmark data, know where each service journey task stands on NPS, CES, Digital Service Score, and more.

  • Benchmark of top service journeys & drive channel preference

    Empower teams to become digital customer journey experts, drive digital adoption away from call-centers, satisfy customers with effective self-serve, and prioritize the actions that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

  • Measure and improve NPS at the service task level 

    Align your digital customer experiences at task level with your brand strategy and organization NPS.

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