Digital Service Benchmark

  • Get full grip on your digital service quality

  • Increase call reduction, improve your CES and NPS

  • All based on validated customer experience research

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How it works

How we do it: The Digital Service Journey

  • Real customers of different providers (you and your competitors) perform a service task online via desktop, smartphone or app.

  • Each task is evaluated by at least 75 consumers, and the questionnaire is based on WUA’s Digital Service Benchmark.

  • This validated model gives you the means to structurally test and improve your digital customer experience.

  • We’ll indicate progress on existing (digital) service KPI’s like CES, NES, NPS, customer loyalty and channel preference.

The Digital Service Model

Functional – Rational – Emotional

The Digital Service Model® consists of three layers: functional, rational, and emotional. Based of these themes we assign a Digital Service Score to the service performance on different tasks. There are also sub-scores for Channel Preference, NPS and CES.