Customer Experience is Your Brand Differentiator

The experience on your website is compared to the best online experience each consumer has had thus far. As a result, consumers expect a better experience each time they visit your website.

How You Can Compete With The Best in CX

Model these 27 Customer Experience Best Practices to improve your website and rise above the competition. The Best Practices in this document were written by customer experience researchers based on more than 100 online sales studies we conducted – and are therefore based on digital customer experiences of thousands of consumers.

  • Based on Top Performing Websites for Sales and Service

  • A Total of 27 CX Best Practices Across 8 Industries

  • More than 40 pages full of insights

  • Based on Studies Conducted with 20.000+ Consumers

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Based on More Than
100 Customer Experience Studies


A Peek Inside

Cover Slide for the 27 Customer Experience Best Practices Report

Inside this report, you’ll find 27 customer experience best practices on screenshot-level that you can use as examples to optimize your own website and increase conversion.

Give Me These Best Practices

These Customer Experience Best Practices are digital sources of inspiration based on WUA’s benchmark studies and validated by digital experts. A Best Practice is a substantiated success factor that will help you optimize the customer experience.

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How we find Customer Experience Best Practices Report
A CX Best Practice in Detail

Each CX Best Practice is walked through point by point for you to model and emulate, together with real user experience feedback. Find best practices from across these industries: Automotive, Banking, Energy, Retail, Telecom, Travel, Insurance, and Recruitment.

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