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Digital customer experience has great impact on NPS, customer retention, and acquisition.

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Your Customer Experience is a brand differentiator

Customer experience (CX) and convenience are brand differentiators more than ever before. They play a huge role in affecting your organization’s NPS, customer loyalty, retention, and digital acquisition numbers. Being a customer-centric company and listening to customers instead of gut feelings is probably high on your agenda. WUA is here to help you out, with more than 10 years of experience in Digital CX-research.

Accelerate Digital Transformation: Don’t reinvent the wheel

If the teams that manage your digital touchpoints are making informed decisions on where to improve, based on direct customer feedback and CX-benchmarking, you’ll accelerate digital transformation and you’ll stay ahead of the competition. That said, digital transformation is not about reinventing the wheel: there have been other companies who successfully adhered to the new digital era. Looking at what others have done well and learning from best practices will help you and your organization grow and transform.

Strategic Partner: Effective Digital KPIs to transform insights into action

WUA’s solutions offer effective digital KPIs that take into account what your competitors are doing, and we will help you act upon what your potential customers are saying. You want to guide teams with KPIs that measure market performance, based on digital sales effectiveness and preference. WUA has 10 years of experience in benchmarking customer experience and works with top international companies on board level regarding digital KPI-setting.

Great value you can measure and quantify

Our benchmark scores for market performance (Digital Sales Score) and customer experience (CX-score) provide you with the numbers you need to keep track of your digital teams. They work best if you measure in a steady and frequent pace, throughout the year: work with WUA in our Digital Excellence Program and become the #1 in digital. Quantify customer experience metrics, track them over time, and refine the experience for your customers.

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