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Go beyond your analytics dashboards to understand the why behind your visitors’ online behavior, and to know where to optimize to improve conversion rates.

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Keep track of your CX-scores

Whether you’re a digital marketer or responsible for digital sales, we know it’s key to understand your audience, have a clear understanding of how they rate your website on CX, and make them happy with your brand and offers. That’s why WUA makes it easy for you to keep track of customer experience, both with our benchmark scores for market performance (Digital Sales Score) and customer experience (CX-score).

Companies often base their insights on analytics, A/B testing, user testing, expert reviews and gut feeling. The problem is that by doing so, you still won’t know what visitors experience when they’re on a competitor’s website.

Go beyond your Analytics dashboards

Your web analytics dashboards tell you what happened on your digital touchpoints, where your potential clients flock, and where they’re – hopefully – converting. If conversion is lagging behind: do you know where the ship you’re sailing is leaking and why it’s slowing down? You can lower prices, create a new product offer, alter the imaging on your website, but how do you know whether all this will lead to your desired outcome? Are your analytics dashboards giving you the answers to that critical ‘why’ questions?

Combine crucial analytics data with WUA’s customer experience insights, analysis, and best practices to understand why people feel the way they do about you, and keep track of your competition by benchmarking your performance.

Receive critical CX-intelligence

Make sure you’re not basing your CX-decisions on exclusively your own data. Working with WUA means that we’ll test your competitors’ experiences and benchmark them against yours. Know that customer experience is never a stand-alone entity; you need to keep track of the competition in order to improve faster and be the best.

Tapping into your customer’s eyes and minds when you need to

Our highly experienced team of senior digital researchers has tons of international CX-benchmarking expertise with clients such as Google, T-Mobile, Verivox, Vodafone Group, ING International, ABN Amro, and Achmea.

Our Deep Dive and Tracker reports on digital sales, combined with action workshops and presentations (multiple stakeholders), will help you discover what your customers are feeling and most importantly: we will help you act on it!

Our reports are backed up with both quantitative and qualitative CX-analysis: they will also give you clear recommendations on which issues to tackle first in order to create maximum CX-impact, increase your conversion rates, and help you sell more online.

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