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Include your customer in your decision making

The online product manager or online product owner of today understands that in order to win in the digital playground, you have to include the customer and his or her experience in your decision making. In order to prioritize backlogs, create the most ultra-effective CRO-plan, and take the biggest steps in improving your website’s conversion rate, you have to involve the customer in your process, and find out how he or she feels about the customer experience on your website.

Tapping into your customer’s eyes when you need to

Our highly experienced team of senior digital researchers has tons of international CX-benchmarking expertise with clients such as Google, T-Mobile, Verivox, Vodafone Group, ING International, ABN Amro, and Achmea.

Our Deep Dive and Tracker reports on digital sales, combined with action workshops and presentations (multiple stakeholders) will help you discover what your customers are feeling and most importantly: we will help you act upon it. Our reports are backed up with both quantitative and qualitative CX-analysis: they will also give you clear recommendations on which issues to tackle first in order to create maximum CX-impact, increase your conversion rates, and help you sell more online.

Predictive modeling to prioritize backlogs

In order to prioritize backlogs and make the biggest steps on improving your website’s conversion rate, you have to involve the customer in the process, and find out how he or she feels about the customer experience on your website.

Customers know what they want, and they are willing to help you prioritize. WUA’s model for conversion benchmarking will help you out: thanks to predictive modeling, we know which topics you should optimize first in order to achieve maximum impact.

Become a Successful A/B-testing Hero

WUA helps companies optimize conversion rates based on real client needs. Based on what real customers experience, how they rate you compared to the competition, as well as customers’ qualitative feedback, best practices, and our digital researchers’ analyses and recommendations, you can sharpen the saw of your A/B tests.

When your hypotheses for A/B-testing are enhanced, you’ll be more successful in A/B-testing and optimizing your website in the future. Don’t take our word for it – read T-Mobile’s testimony in this client case: “How T-Mobile Home Doubled their Conversion with More Successful A/B Tests.”

Be the CX-expert by involving your potential clients

With every research we do, every survey we program, with every datasheet we check, we build on our goal: creating the biggest and best customer experience benchmark in the world, so you can profit from it. We generate best practices, learn more about what works best on smartphone, analyze product offers and order process flows. All this is based on feedback from potential clients, not on assumptions or gut feeling. Work with WUA and involve your potential clients and become the CX-expert in your organization by knowing exactly WHAT your customers want, and WHY they want it.

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