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WUA delivers Usability at scale

Our reports are backed up with both quantitative and qualitative CX-analysis: they will give you clear recommendations on which issues to tackle first in order to create maximum CX-impact.
The qualitative part provides you with a clear sense of the WHY behind the scores on Look & Feel, Offer, and Brand: it’s the why behind this qualitative feedback at large scale. Because, of course, WUA performs CX-benchmark research in huge numbers, with a minimum of 200 respondents per device.


Predictive modeling to prioritize backlogs

Customers know what they want, and they are willing to help you prioritize. WUA’s model for conversion benchmarking will help you out: thanks to predictive modeling, we know which topics you should optimize first in order to achieve maximum impact.

Critical intelligence: Benchmark competitor’s CX

Make sure you’re not basing your CX-decisions on exclusively your own data. Working with WUA means we will test your competitors’ CX, and benchmark them against yours. As a CX pro, you know customer experience is never a stand-alone entity. You need to keep track of the competition in order to improve faster and be the best.

Become a Successful A/B-testing Hero

WUA helps companies optimize conversion rates based on real client needs. Based on what real customers’ experience, how they rate you compared to the competition, and their qualitative feedback, as well as best practices and our digital researchers’ analyses and recommendations, you can sharpen the saw of your A/B tests.

When your hypotheses for A/B-testing are enhanced, you’ll be more successful in A/B-testing and optimizing your website in the future. Don’t take our word for it – read T-Mobile’s testimony in this client case: “How T-Mobile Home Doubled their Conversion with More Successful A/B Tests.”

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