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After its victory in the Loan Study in Spain, ING has now won the study in Romania as well. The Loan study, conducted among 600 Romanian respondents, saw the bank with the orange lion rank highest with a Digital Sales Score of 37. and follow with scores of 34 and 27 points, respectively.

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The look, offer, and brand of ING also received the best scores: on desktop, receives the highest Customer Experience Score at 74 points; on smartphone, its CX Score is 73. not far from in Preference and Findability

In the search for a loan, is found by 55% of respondents – just a little more than, which is found by 53% of consumers. (third place in Digital Sales) has a Findability of 67%, but convinces fewer people of its offer. In total, 17% of respondents say they’re interested in obtaining a loan from, while 23% are interested in a loan from, and ING gets the Preference of 26% of consumers.

ING scores highest on CX

On all Customer Experience themes, ING scores highest. Respondents appreciate the website’s modern appearance, with attractive visuals and a good use of colors. The has a bright and modern appearance something that speaks to consumers. This leads to an average Customer Experience Score of 70 on desktop and 72 on smartphone. follows on desktop with 67 points. is second best on smartphone with a Digital CX Score of 70 points.

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