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Consumer loans have been communicated very intensively by banks and web comparison websites recently. In May 2019, 300 potential customers in the Czech Republic used their notebook/PC to search online and select a potential loan provider (100,000 CZK). In this study Air bank finishes on top ones again.

  • Digital Sales Score
    Study: Personal Loan
    Measurement: May 2019
    Country: Czech Republic
  • Total
  • 1 26
  • 2 24
  • 3 21
  • 4 17
  • 5 15
  • 6 14
  • 7 13
  • 8 12
  • 9 12
  • 10 10
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Air Bank confirms its position but the competition is close

As in the previous study (November 2018), Air Bank achieved the highest Digital Sales Score (26) and was also best at Customer Experience (CX score: 66).

However, MONETA moved up in its sales score thanks to a much-improved findability compared to the previous study as well as a solid conversion level. Its overall results and potential were also a result of a balanced performance on look & feel, brand, and product.
Zonky maintained its high findability and finished in the top-3 performing providers. Hello bank and KB leveraged their increased conversion levels and improved their performances compared to the previous study.

Home Credit and Česká spořitelna lose most

Home Credit, a loan specialist, lost on preference quite dramatically which was caused mainly by negative perceptions towards its offer and brand.
Česká spořitelna, on the other hand, was considered and visited as a potential loan provider much less frequently than in the previous study, and its online preference dropped by more than 50%. and were the best-performing ‘non-banking’ websites in this study. also had one of the highest conversion rates.

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The Digital CX-Score

The Digital CX-Score is a representation of the total experience on a website and is based on questions on the themes Look & Feel, Offer, and Brand. Think of, for example, the clear and quick presentation of the offer on a website, and the trust people have in the company behind the website. The score consists of a weighted average of these parts, in which parts that have more impact on the final preference contribute a relatively higher weight to the average. For instance, our analyses show that the elements of Offer and Brand are more important in customers’ final preference than Look & Feel.

  • Digital CX-Score | Desktop
    Study Car Insurance
    Measurement date: December 2018
    Country: United States
  • Score
  • 1 66
  • 2 65
  • 3 65
  • 4 64
  • 5 64
  • 6 62

Explore more insights and data
In the attached document, you will find basic information and data on the performance of key websites and brands competing for the preference of online consumers. We would be happy to discuss the findings in more detail during a personal presentation. Please feel free to contact us any time about the data, methodology, and benefits of the study.

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Goal and Relevance of the study

The goal of this study was to exactly map the digital experience of potential customers who are orienting themselves on opening a new loan online. It’s important to capture consumers’ choices and their reasons for choosing a specific brand/website. WUA has worked on a validated model for the past 10 years. Our model shows as precisely as possible what customers want, what the best practices are, as well as which possible issues each provider faces. A custom-made report is available within two weeks, including an action workshop on location and an accompanying presentation.