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In November, WUA conducted a car insurance (Kfz-Versicherung) study in Germany. In terms of Look & Feel, and stand out from the crowd. Most of the 600 respondents were impressed by the pleasant overview that offers and the use of icons and infographics by This is what you can learn from both companies:

1: gives pleasant overview by alternating between text and tables

Instead of a page full of monochrome text, alternates between text, tables, and info boxes to make the information about car insurances easier to read. Using only the colors of the logo, but varying the shade of the blue, the page is less drab in color, and becomes pleasantly balanced. This is the same for the banner photo: the shade of blue in the picture matches the corporate identity.

2: Consistency in call-to-action makes message clear – beitrag berechnen

The call-to-action button ‘Beitrag berechnen’ (get a quote) is repeated multiple times across the page and is consistently the same green button. This makes the button stand out and easy to find by the consumer.

3: uses icons and infographics to guide reader through text uses many icons to guide and assist the reader when reading the text with information about their car insurance. While many different colors are used throughout the page, they are subdued and don’t overwhelm the customer.

A clear overview, consistency in the message, and easy to read icons and infographics help consumers in their orientation on car insurance, resulting in higher scores from consumers on Look & Feel. Want to know what you can improve to get better results tomorrow? Get in touch!

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