Three times – in February, April, and June of 2018 – WUA let 200 unique consumers search online for a private lease car. This large benchmark study was conducted proactively by WUA, which means the study is available to all providers. The goal of the study is to get an as clear as possible picture of how this fast-growing market is developing. WUA has been conducting this study for years, ever since the early days of Private Lease.

Which website is the favorite in the eyes of the consumer?

What does the consumer pay attention to when choosing a private lease car? What do providers need to improve to increase their sales in 2018? In this study, wins first place with a score of 67 points (+2 compared to the previous study). (-1 point compared to the previous study) ranks second, while completes the top-3 with a score of 64 points (down 6 points from last time).

  • Web Performance Score
    Study: Private Lease
    Time: January - June 2018
    Country: Netherlands
  • Score
  • 1 67
  • 2 65
  • 3 64
  • 4 61
  • 5 61
  • 6 47
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Insights Update Private Lease Car

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Large gap

The private lease market has five large providers that are often found when searching for a private lease car:,,,, and There’s a large gap between these five and the countless other providers that aren’t found as easily, such as the car brands, (new in the ranking),, and


The conversion on is twice as high as the average conversion of the other 4 large providers. What kind of conversion we’re talking about here? The conversion to preference. In percentages, how many of the consumers that find your website during free orientation actually choose your website as their favorite for a lease car? This figure in the study provides a good indication of which websites will actually have a higher conversion in reality.

Newcomer, rising and falling has the biggest decline in the study, losing a lot of points in findability. Last year, experienced a huge spurt, doubling its findability compared to the previous summer in a short time. While in the second half of 2018, LeasePlan was found by 61% of consumers, that number has since dropped to 45% – explaining why the previous winner has dropped to 3rd place. is new to the ranking. The website is found by 12% of consumers, and convinces 2%, leading to a 12% conversion score. Compared to (49% conversion), there are many opportunities for and have gained a little to rejoin the leading group.

Insights Update Private Lease Car

Get free high-level results in the Insights Update Private Lease Car January - June 2018
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Goal & Relevance of this study

The goal of this study is to map the digital experience of potential customers orienting themselves on a private lease car, which provider they choose, and most importantly, why. Using a proven model WUA has been working on for the past 10 years, we indicate with precision exactly what customers want, what the best practices are, and what issues providers may have. A custom-made report is available within two weeks, including an action workshop on location and presentation.

WUA Private Lease Insights Update July 2018

Download the brand-new edition of the WUA Private Lease Insights Update July 2018  now. In this update, we talk about the current, July 2018, study, and we offer a preview of the numbers in the Private Lease market. Which providers score best on the theme scores from the WUA Digital Sales Model, and what can you, as professional in the car lease market, learn from it?