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In the Digital Sales Scan of April, wins the online orientation on private lease cars, just as it did last year. In total, 400 consumers searched online for a lease car for themselves, using both desktop and smartphone. wins this study with a Digital Sales Score of 32 points. With a wide margin, follows in second place with a score of 17, while is third with 15 points.

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In terms of customer experience, is the champion as well. With a Digital Customer Experience Score of 73, they’re 4 points ahead of the number 2 in the desktop ranking. On smartphone, the difference with the runner up is 5 points; here, ANWB gets a CX Score of 71 points.

  • Digital Sales Score
    Study: Private Lease
    Measurement: April 2019
    Country: Netherlands
  • Total Desktop Mobile
  • 1 32 35 30
  • 2 17 19 15
  • 3 15 16 14
  • 4 14 17 12
  • 5 14 12 16
  • 6 12 14 10
  • 7 11 13 8
  • 8 9 6 11
  • 9 8 9 6
  • 10 7 6 8
  • 11 6 3 9
  • 12 6 5 6
  • 13 4 4 5
  • 14 2 0 4
  • 15 11 13 8
  • Schow full list
  • Highest total score
  • Highest score on device

Market Insights Update

Get free high level results in the Market Insights Update Private Lease NL
Download Now draws half of potential lease car drivers to its website is found by half (49%) of all orienting consumers, and manages to convince 44% of them to choose them. That means that of all the lease car drivers in the study, a total of 22% prefers in the end.

Comparable to the previous study, the top 5 consists of,,,, and These providers are found more often than private lease organizations outside of the top 5. Compared to previous studies, we see the gaps become more narrow.

Market throughout the years on desktop

Throughout the years, the private lease study has been conducted on both smartphone and desktop. The next analysis dives deeper into the shifts in our desktop research. grabs a 10% Preference score this time, compared to 8% in June 2018. LeasePlan drops from 11% Preference in June 2018 to 6% in April 2019. also loses some percentage points, going from 13% last year to 11% this time. The drop in both private lease companies is a result of them not being found as often by consumers. is a newcomer on the list this year. Its low Findability takes them to fifth place even though it gets a higher Conversion (63%) than (49%).’s high Conversion is due to the fact that many lease drivers like to know with which party they’ll get the best deals. is found by 13% of lease car drivers, leaving it far behind (29%), (37%), (46%), (37%), and (48%).

Noteworthy are the differences in the market between smartphone and desktop. Whereas there are quite large differences between providers on desktop, we see that on smartphone, the parties are a lot closer together compared to the desktop scores. Especially on conversion, the differences on smartphone become smaller.

Car brands more and more active in private lease market

In terms of Conversion, three car brands are very close to each other:,, and all convince 23% of the consumers who visit their websites to choose them. A difference in Findability means wins first place in a ranking of the car brands, while is second and comes in third.

Suzuki is the best at converting in the current study (31%). A low Findability (7%) however, leaves the company in fourth place, after the brands named above.

The Digital CX-Score

The Digital CX-Score is a representation of the total experience on a website, and is based on questions on the themes Look & Feel, Offer, and Brand. Think of, for example, the clear and quick presentation of the offer on a website, and the trust people have in the company behind the website. The score consists of a weighted average of these parts, in which parts that have more impact on the final preference contribute a relatively higher weight to the average. For instance, our analyses show that the elements of Offer and Brand are more important in customers’ final preference than Look & Feel.

  • Digital CX-Score | Desktop
    Study: Private Lease
    Measurement: April 2018
    Country: Netherlands
  • Score
  • 1 73
  • 2 69
  • 3 69
  • 4 68
  • 5 68
  • Digital CX-Score | Smartphone
    Study: Private Lease
    Measurement: April 2018
    Country: Netherlands
  • Score
  • 1 71
  • 2 66
  • 3 64
  • 4 64
  • 5 61

Market Insights Update

Get free high level results in the Market Insights Update Private Lease NL
Download Now ahead by far in customer experience

In customer experience, wins on both desktop and smartphone. The CX-Score on desktop is 73, on smartphone 71. Dissecting this CX-Score further on the theme scores in Look & Feel, Offer, and Brand, we see ANWB ahead in every single element. Consumers are full of praise for the ANWB website: “nice that you get some explanation first, and then you’re shown several blocks of options for comparisons and extras”. But also: “well-organized information and clear navigation. Frequently asked questions about lease cars were displayed prominently and the website works well, and had a clear overview.” Another respondent says: “The ANWB website manages to convince the consumer of the organization’s reliability and expertise on the subject of private lease.”

Goal and relevance of this research

The goal of this study was to exactly map the digital experience of potential customers who are orienting themselves on searching for a private lease car online. It’s important to capture consumers’ choices and their reasons for choosing a specific brand/website. WUA has worked on a validated model for the past 10 years. Our model shows as precisely as possible what customers want, what the best practices are, as well as which possible issues each provider faces. A custom-made report is available within two weeks, including an action workshop on location and an accompanying presentation.