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In September 2018, WUA asked 400 potential customers to orient themselves on travel insurance.
ANWB leaves their competitors far behind and takes the lead in this study with an overall Web Performance Score (WPS) of 75.
In comparison: Centraal Beheer Achmea takes second place with a WPS of 59, followed by ING in third place with a WPS of 57.
ANWB’s findability, however, has decreased: 68% of consumers currently finds ANWB on their desktop and mobile phone, compared to 71% in 2017.

  • Web Performance Score
    Onderzoek: Reisverzekering
    Meting: September 2018
    Land: Nederland
  • Totaal Desktop Mobiel
  • 1 75 74 75
  • 2 58 57 59
  • 3 57 56 59
  • 4 57 58 56
  • 5 54 52 56
  • 6 54 57 50
  • 7 54 54 54
  • 8 53 53 52
  • 9 53 49 55
  • 10 52 52 51
  • 11 51 53 49
  • 12 47 47 -
  • 13 47 49 44
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  • Hoogste totaalscore
  • Hoogste score op device

OHRA in thirteenth place, FBTO on the rise

Last year, OHRA was in the top three. This year, however, the insurer ends up in thirteenth place. This drop in ranking is mainly related to findability. Consumers do no longer easily find OHRA: only 20% found OHRA in the search for travel insurance, compared to 45% in 2017. FBTO moves up from the ninth place to the sixth place. FBTO’s website still convinces consumers to take out travel insurance: their conversion in this WUA study is 31%.

Newcomers: NowGo and HEMA

A newcomer in the ranking of this study is NowGo. The company enters the competition in 11th place with a findability of 22% and a Web Performance Score of 51. HEMA also joins the ranking for the first time and takes ninth place with a WPS score of 53. HEMA relies heavily on their well-known brand. They are found by 34% of the consumers. HEMA’s conversion, however, is only 11%.

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Een aantal Insights uit het onderzoek

  • ANWB is the market leader and owes their top performance in this study to their strong brand. ANWB’s findability is 68%. Additionally, 39% of customers visiting ANWB indicate they would purchase travel insurance through ANWB.
  • OHRA presents a remarkable decline in ranking compared to the last study. OHRA drops from third place to thirteenth place. This is mostly due to the decrease in findability (from 45% to 20%). The conversion remains virtually the same: from 13% to 10%.

  • FBTO climbs the ranks and moves up from ninth to sixth place. FBTO’s conversion is excellent (31%), which presents a great opportunity for the company to increase findability.
  • NowGo is a remarkable newcomer that enters the ranks in 11th place. NowGo has a conversion of 18% and a findability of 22%. NowGo presents an exciting First Impression in the Look & Feel theme, where they present their own unique style (it differs significantly from other competitors).
  • HEMA is new to the ranking as well. This traditionally Dutch company is easy to find (34% findability). It does not, however, convince consumers to purchase travel insurance (11% conversion). The company scores high on Brand – the orienting consumers view the company as very sympathetic.

Goal and Relevance of this study

The goal of this study is to identify and map out the digital experience of potential customers by determining how they orient themselves online when taking out travel insurance, which provider they choose, and most importantly – why?
Based on a proven model that WUA has been developing over the past 10 years, we clearly identify customers’ wishes, best practices, and areas of improvement for each provider. Within three weeks, we provide an extensive customized report, including a workshop and presentation at your location on how to immediately turn the findings into action.