Reading Time: 4 minutes has managed to win first place in the Web Performance Scan Car Insurance for the tenth time in a row. A unique achievement, unparalleled in the history of benchmark research at WUA. In this free online orientation study, conducted in March 2018, 400 consumers (200 on desktop and 200 on smartphone) orient themselves on choosing a car insurance policy.

With a Web Performance Score of 68, ANWB manages to receive an even higher score than in the previous study. The number 2,, has gained some points, as they didn’t reach the top-5 in the previous study, conducted in October 2017. completes the top-3, with a score equal to CentraalBeheer’s Web Performance Score of 59.

  • Web Performance Score
    Onderzoek Autoverzekering
    Meting: Maart 2018
    Land: Nederland
  • Score
  • 1 68
  • 2 59
  • 3 59
  • 4 58
  • 5 57
  • 6 57
  • 7 57
  • 8 54
  • 9 54
  • 10 53
  • 11 51
  • 12 49
  • 13 48
  • 14 47
  • 15 46
  • 16 45
  • 17 45
  • 18 44
  • 19 44
  • 20 44
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First ten-time winner:

Far and away the biggest share of consumers prefer ANWB’s car insurance policies over those offered by other providers. Compared to the previous study dating back to October 2017, the gap between ANWB and the other parties has grown by 2 points. Most consumers can find the ANWB website: 48% of consumers in our study visit We once again congratulate ANWB with these unique results.

CentraalBeheer & FBTO catching up

Interesting in this study is how CentraalBeheer has climbed through the ranks since the past two studies. Whereas in April 2017, the Apeldoorn-based insurer was no higher than 6th place, is now second best in the market. Of the desktop users, 100% wants to continue with this party after the First Impression, and scores high on all three theme elements in the In-Depth phase: Look & Feel, Offer, and Brand (read all about these in the WUA Web Performance Model).

FBTO has also joined the best-performing parties, and is now in third place. In the past studies, Independer and Allsecur were able to convince more consumers, but these rank lower now, although the differences between parties are often minimal.

Univé increases its Findability

Univé has taken up residence in fourth place, having caught up in Findability (from 26% in October to 32% in the current study): the changes and improvements in the website have not gone unnoticed, and Univé climbs from 7th to 4th position.

6 Desktop Insights from this study

  • wins this study for the 10th (!) time in a row. mostly wins because they’ve created a very strong brand perception. Not only is a company that’s existed for a longer time, with a reliable image, but it also manages to present this image on its website very well.

  • On desktop, presents a strong brand perception, but and are preferred by smartphone users.

  • On smartphone, Interpolis offers a good customer experience, but it’s still found by a relatively low number of people.
  • In the last three studies, has been busy catching up: 6th in March 2017, 3rd in October 2017, and now in second place.

  • The Net Promoter Score shows that on desktop, is recommended to family and friends most often. On smartphone, this title goes to

  • receives mediocre scores on all customer experience elements, but still manages to get second place on overall preference, staying ahead of (among others),,, and

Goal & Relevance of this study

The goal of this study is to map the digital experience of potential customers orienting themselves on a car insurance policy, which provider they choose, and most importantly, why. Using a proven model WUA has been working on for the past 10 years, we indicate with precision exactly what customers want, what the best practices are, and what issues providers may have.

Conclusions and recommendations are tailored to each provider in our elaborate benchmark reports. To achieve digital excellence, we at WUA see it’s very important to have the following people and departments involved in this study:

  • Everyone with commercial responsibility: the winner takes all.
  • Management: for the right direction and mentality in the organization.
  • The person(s) responsible for digital: give the right insights, direction, and energy to your team.
  • Online marketers: get started with the recommendations right away for a higher conversion.
  • Research: decent research with validated model is the basis for digital success.
  • Proposition/marketing: Aside from Look & Feel, the themes of Offer and Brand are of vital importance to the buying process.