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With a score of 68 points, gets the highest scores by far when 200 consumers orient themselves on smartphone on booking a stay at a campsite in France. takes second place with a Web Performance Score of 62 points, followed by with a score of 58 points.

>>> Read more results from this study in the WUA Campsites in France Update December 2017.

  • Web Performance Score
    Onderzoek Camping Frankrijk
    Meting: December 2017
    Land: Nederland
  • Totaal
  • 1 68
  • 2 62
  • 3 58
  • 4 56
  • 5 56
  • 6 55
  • 7 55
  • 8 54
  • 9 53
  • 10 51
  • 11 50
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Insights Update Camping in France

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In Findability, is number 1 with 42% of consumers visiting this website in the orientation. In last year’s study (July 2017 – desktop), 65% of consumers visited In this study, is visited by 35% of consumers, while in last year’s desktop study, only 30% did. The third most-found party this year is; on smartphone, this website has a findability of 28% – a 10% increase compared to July 2017’s desktop study. has the highest conversion by far is miles ahead of the others in conversion. No less than 54% of consumers that visit the site decide to book their campsite here. Compared to the second and third place, this is a difference of over 27%.

5 insights from this study

  • The top-3 websites online receive between 16% and 27% direct traffic on their websites; all other traffic comes through search engines.
  • In the top-5, there are great differences between sponsored and organic visitors. The percentage of visitors that come in through sponsored links varies from 17% to 61%.
  • The difference in preference between first and second place is over twice as much.
  • scores highest of all parties in Look & Feel in the first impression.
  • Of all parties, consumers have seen most often (64%), but only a small part of them (24%) actually visited the website.

>>> Read more results from this study in the WUA Campsites in France Update December 2017.

Goal of this study

The goal of this study is to map the digital experience of potential customers orienting themselves on campsites in France, which provider they choose, and most importantly, why. Using a proven model that WUA has worked on for the past 8 years, we show exactly what customers want, what the best practices are, and where the sore points lie with each provider.

For whom is this study of importance?

In the study, WUA’s online experts lay bare sore points and points to improve on all themes from the validated Web Performance Model. Conclusions and recommendations are tailored to each provider. To achieve digital excellence, we at WUA see it’s incredibly important that the following people and departments are involved in this study:

  • Everyone with commercial responsibility: the winner takes all.
  • Management: for the right direction and mentality in the organization.
  • The person(s) responsible for digital: give the right insights, direction, and energy to your team.
  • Online marketers: get started with the recommendations right away for a higher conversion.
  • Research: decent research with validated model is the basis for digital success.
  • Proposition/marketing: Aside from Look & Feel, the themes of Offer and Brand are of vital importance to the buying process.

The degree of the collaboration of the stakeholders mentioned above can make or break digital success!