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In July 2018, WUA asked 200 consumers to perform an online research in buying a used car. In this benchmark study, where consumers are free to decide the websites they want to visit and review, the most popular choices were:,, and

  • Web Performance Scan
    Study: Used car
    Measurement: August 2018
    Country: Netherlands
  • Total
  • 1 73
  • 2 70
  • 3 69
  • 4 63
  • 5 57
  • 6 53
  • 7 48

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Download Now scores highest with a Web Performance Score of 73, meaning that 18% of the consumers prefer using With 21%, scores a slightly larger consumer percentage, however, the website is visited less often during the online research, ending up in second place with an overall score of 70. With only one point difference, closely follows in third position.

Smaller player takes the lead in Customer Experience

Noteworthy is that performs very well in terms of Look&Feel and Brand, achieving first place for both First Impression and Further Look. However, scores slightly better in the element Selection in the Further Look phase. The website of viaBOVAG ends up sixth nevertheless, as it visited by a mere 13% of the consumers and preferred by only 5%.

When it comes to conversion, AutoTrack scores highest with 37%. Yet again, shows its best side here; although the site is harder to find, the difference with is small, only 2%.

Consumers favor new cars

After having done their research, most consumers (48%) indicate that they prefer buying a new car. 31% choose a used car and 21% opt for leasing.

Warranty and service logbook are important in choosing a used car

Aside from price, features, and mileage, more than a quarter of consumers feel it is important that the car has a service logbook and warranty. Also, 20% consider that having the car serviced by a dealer is one of the most important issues when purchasing a used car. Less important is the NAP-check and whether the car has been sold by a dealer.

More than half has the car checked first before purchasing

Before buying the car, more than 60% of consumers have the car checked by an independent mechanic or garage. Less than half (40%) relies on the paperwork and the seller’s story, but always has the car checked out personally.

Some Research Insights

  • scores highest in the study. comes in second place and ends up third. 18% prefers

  • has the highest findability: 66% visits this site when researching for a used car. closely follows with 64%.

  • In terms of customer experience, takes the lead. Only for the element Selection (Further Look phase), performs slightly better than For the other underlying elements, First Impression and Further Look, leaves its competitors well behind. Especially for the element Brand, the difference is substantial.

  • In terms of conversion, ranks the highest with 37%. However, shows its best side here once again: despite the low findability of the site, they only score 2% lower in comparison with

  • Having done the research, most consumers (48%) say that they prefer buy a new car. 31% chooses to buy a used car, while 21% would lease one instead.

Goal and relevance of this research

The goal of this study is to accurately identify the digital experience of potential customers orienting themselves on buying a used car, which brands they choose and, most importantly, why. Using a proven model that WUA has been working on for the past 10 years, we indicate with precision what customers want, what the best practices are, and possible weak points for each company. A customized report will be made available within two weeks, including an action workshop on location and presentation.