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In taking out a SIM-only subscription, it’s possible consumers may have questions. Telfort cleverly anticipates this by being reachable: phone and chat options are clearly placed on the page. Consistently showing the contact options during the order process makes the website visitor trust the company. This is the result from the WUA study on SIM-only subscriptions (January 2019). Delivery speed and clear explanations about the steps that need to be taken also help breed trust.

Contact options clearly visible

The contact options are prominently featured and are mentioned at several stages in the process. It also mentions that customers can expect reliable service from Telfort, and the company states ‘we’ll gladly help you’. The consumer says about this: “They provide a lot of clear contact information.”

Order process: consumers are taken by the hand by Telfort

During the order process, visitors are met with clarity and transparency. After every step, an explanation is shown: ‘what happens when I click ‘continue to order’?’ That way, the consumer feels like there’s no way they can accidentally order something they don’t want to, and they know exactly what will happen when they click the next button. In the final stage, the website once again mentions the total price, and when the visitor clicks the price tag, they will see a pop-up with the specifications (similar to a receipt).

Telfort is an established brand, and the general public knows Telfort is a brand that’s a part of KPN. This connection is mentioned and briefly explained.

Just as fast as a webstore

Visitors are content with the speed of the order process on the steps can be walked through quite quickly. The USPs shown are clear and convincing to the visitor, too: ‘Free delivery. Order before 4pm, delivered tomorrow’. Convincing for consumers who can’t wait to get the newest phone!

It feels right and is explained well

In the study, it’s mentioned regularly that Telfort seems reliable. The points mentioned above contribute to this. One quote from a respondent, for example: “It feels right and is explained well.” There’s not too much information; the information given only makes it better for the website visitor: “They provide sufficient information for me, and they’re very clear.”

One of many Best Practices

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