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In March 2020 we asked 200 consumers to go online on smartphone and search for a (new) Car Insurance policy. Which websites do they find? What do they experience? From whom do they decide to buy? And, of course: why? Or: why not?

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ANWB tops Car Insurance ranking March 2020

Dutch comparison website ranked number one in the measurement of November 2019 (desktop & smartphone), well ahead of the competition. takes over the number 1 position in the March 2020 measurement with a Digital Sales Score of 28. is found on smartphone by more than half (51%) of all consumers looking for a car insurance. That is more than twice as much as 18% of the market ultimately prefers to take out a car insurance policy.

CentraalBeheer and FBTO in Top 3 also surpasses in the Digital Sales ranking, for the first time since March 2018. has a comparable Conversion, but manages to stay ahead of Independer due to a higher Findability. Although scores second best on Findability in this study, they are not yet able to convert this into persuasion in the car insurance market. Only 7% of the market ultimately prefers to take out a car insurance at

Martijn Schuijff – Manager ANWB Insurances

Martijn Schuijff – Manager ANWB Insurances: “What a great results: we rank first in both the Car Insurance and the Travel Insurance studies! I see these results as a great confirmation of our team’s continuous commitment to ensure customer experience is our main focus.

Taking out an insurance is often part of a broader customer journey. Online visitors want all the information they need to be presented as clear and logical as possible. We are constantly improving on these topics, so that our visitors and customers increasingly get the feeling they are in a personalized environment.”

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