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In December 2018, we asked 200 potential customers in the Czech Republic to search online and select a potential new electricity provider for their household.

ČEZ has the best-performing website among the energy suppliers. Its total Digital Sales Score reached 70 points in this study (73 in the previous research in June 2018). The high score ČEZ gets, is (among other factors) heavily influenced by its current market share and brand power. This leads to highest findability and web visit rates. However, even the digital experience on the website and the conversion rates are “best in class”.
are “best in class”.

  • Digital Sales Score
    Study:Energy Contract
    Measurement: December 2018
    Country: Czech Republic
  • Total
  • 1 Č 70
  • 2 64
  • 3 63
  • 4 58
  • 5 52
  • 6 49
  • 7 45
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The challengers lag behind, E.ON significantly losing on preference

E.ON (64 in Digital Sales Score) and innogy (63) are quite far behind ČEZ, but both brands confirmed their TOP 3 positions. Innogy was a priority choice for 13% of members in the sample and E.ON gained 12% preference (a significant loss compared to 17% in the previous study). Both brands enjoy high findability scores, as well as consumer trust and feeling of competence. Their digital presentations and processes are not performing too well.

The fourth position in consumer preference was secured by MND (10%), which increased its findability rates compared to June, 2018. A significant increase in conversion helped Bohemia Energy to achieve 7% preference. On the other hand, the lower trust in this brand and service limits its performance. PRE is a locally strong brand with high conversion levels (5% preference).

Strong brands come first

In general, price comparison websites and references played rather a minor role in visitors’ online orientation. The top brands benefit from their awareness levels and positions in organic searches.

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Explore more insights and data

In the attached document, you will find basic information and data on the performance of key websites and brands competing for clients’ online acquisition. You will also be able to compare the current results (and identify the key changes) with the previous study executed in June, 2018.

We will be happy to go into more detail during a personal presentation. Please feel free to contact us any time regarding the data, methodology and benefits of the study.

Some Research Insights

  • ČEZ not only benefits from its current market share and brand power, it also delivers a very good digital experience provided by a well-elaborated web presentation, which achieves highest scores in online conversion.

  • E.ON declined in preference from 17% (June 2018) to 12%. The experience its website visitors had is often negative.

  • MND once again proved the above-average performance of its website: clean design, easy-to-understand online process, and good offers are appreciated.

Goal and Relevance of the research

The goal of this research was to exactly map the digital experience of potential customers who are orienting themselves on taking out an energy contract. It is important to capture the consumers’ choices and their reasons for choosing a specific company. WUA has worked on a proven model for the last 10 years, which shows as precisely as possible what customers want, what the best practices are, as well as the obstacles per provider. A custom-made report is available within two weeks, including a get-to-work workshop on location and an accompanying presentation.