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In 2019, two new studies in the financial sector will be added to WUA’s offer: the study on Children’s Bank Accounts and Mobile Banking (with an app). The study on children’s bank accounts was completed in January. This concerns a free orientation study, also known as the Digital Sales Scan. In this type of study, consumers are free to choose which bank they prefer when opening a children’s bank account. The study on mobile banking (with an app) will be conducted in May. This is a directed study, in which the most important customer service journeys will be researched.

Children’s bank account: the research case and the respondent base

  • Date conducted: January
  • Study: Digital Sales Scan
  • Device: Desktop and smartphone
  • Respondents (total): 400

In total, 400 respondents who have children below 12 years of age, use desktop or smartphone to search for a bank account for their child. The case is as follows:

This study is about bank accounts for children, specifically accounts that teach children about handling their own money. They can use the account for their savings, for example, and get a debit card to learn about withdrawing money and paying in stores by card. “Imagine you wish to open a bank account like this for your child. Go online and orient yourself on possibilities and providers. Find more information. Go as far as you can on the websites without actually opening a bank account.”

The study was conducted in January. The research results and winner of the Digital Sales Scan and the best performing provider in CX will be announced in February.

Mobile banking (with an app): the research case and the respondent base

  • Date conducted: May
  • Study: Digital Service Scan
  • Device: To be determined
  • Respondents (total): To be determined

The mobile banking study will provide an in-depth look at the top 10 of customer service journeys that consumers may encounter when they use mobile apps for their banking services. It studies the most important customer questions, in which the focus is on service experience in apps. The study will be conducted in May. The winner of the study will be announced in late May or early June.

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