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In April 2019, 400 consumers oriented themselves online on a home insurance policy, on both desktop and smartphone. In this study, comparison site wins with a Digital Sales Score of 23 points overall. Insurers Univé and Centraal Beheer complete the top-3 with 22 and 21 points respectively.

Univé provides the best Customer Experience on desktop with a CX-Score of 72. On smartphone, is in first place with 70 points.  

  • Digital Sales Score
    Study: Home Insurance
    Measurement: April 2019
    Country: Netherlands
  • Total Desktop Mobile
  • 1 23 21 26
  • 2 22 22 22
  • 3 21 21 20
  • 4 13 12 14
  • 5 13 15 11
  • 6 13 11 14
  • 7 12 8 15
  • 8 11 11 10
  • 9 11 9 12
  • 10 10 13 8
  • 11 9 10 7
  • 12 8 9 8
  • 13 8 9 8
  • 14 8 10 5
  • 15 8 10 5
  • 16 6 7 5
  • 17 5 8 3
  • 18 3 4 3
  • Schow full list
  • Highest total score
  • Highest score on device

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Great gap between top-3 and other providers

The gap between the top-3 and the other providers is large., and follow, all with a Digital Sales Score of 13 points: no less than 8 points lower than is found by highest number of consumers in full market

In the market of home insurance policies, no fewer than 18 different providers fight for consumers’ attention. Of these 18 providers, the websites of Centraal Beheer (41%), Independer (37%), FBTO (35%) and Univé (27%) are found most often.

In the end, manages to win first place because the highest number of consumers actually give their Preference to this provider. It manages to convert 36% of its visitors. handles its visitors most efficiently, and converts 44%. Right behind Interpolis is Univé, with 43% conversion.

In the top-10, FBTO is least proficient at convincing its customers. A Conversion of 18% shows that four out of five of its visitors decide to take out a home insurance policy elsewhere. receives highest preference of the banks

The home insurance study includes a number of banks as well. Of these, the ING website performs best, with 5% preference. and each receive 3% preference. Remarkable in this is the steep decline in Rabobank’s scores compared to the previous study (November 2018). Rabobank drops from fourth place to thirteenth in the most recent study.

Compared to the previous study, is the biggest climber, going from 9th to 4th position with 6% preference.

The Digital CX-Score

The Digital CX-Score is a representation of the total experience on a website, and is based on questions on the themes Look & Feel, Offer, and Brand. Think of, for example, the clear and quick presentation of the offer on a website, and the trust people have in the company behind the website. The score consists of a weighted average of these parts, in which parts that have more impact on the final preference contribute a relatively higher weight to the average. For instance, our analyses show that the elements of Offer and Brand are more important in customers’ final preference than Look & Feel.

  • Digital CX-Score | Desktop
    Study: Home Insurance
    Measurement: April 2018
    Country: Netherlands
  • Score
  • 1 72
  • 2 70
  • 3 68
  • 4 67
  • 5 67
  • 6 64
  • 7 60
  • Digital CX-Score | Smartphone
    Study: Home Insurance
    Measurement: April 2018
    Country: Netherlands
  • Score
  • 1 70
  • 2 69
  • 3 69
  • 4 68
  • 5 66

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Best CX by Univé.nl and

Judging from the Customer Experience, Univé.nl provides the best experience on desktop. wins second place with 70 points, and is third with 68 points.

In the search for a home insurance policy on smartphone, Univé.nl is in second place with a Customer Experience Score of 69. This is only one point lower than which, with a CX-Score of 70 points, receives the golden medal in this study. is third on smartphone, which like Univé.nl has 69 points.

Good website on desktop remains most important

The importance of a good desktop website is shown in the data: when people orient themselves on home insurance policies, 60% of all participants prefers to do so on desktop or laptop. Only 12% of participants say they prefer using their smartphone.

Goal and relevance of this research

The goal of this study was to exactly map the digital experience of potential customers who are orienting themselves on opening a new current account online. It’s important to capture consumers’ choices and their reasons for choosing a specific brand/website. WUA has worked on a validated model for the past 10 years. Our model shows as precisely as possible what customers want, what the best practices are, as well as which possible issues each provider faces. A custom-made report is available within two weeks, including an action workshop on location and an accompanying presentation.