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In the recently conducted Online Grocery Shopping study, among 200 respondents on smartphone, it became clear that consumers don’t have a preference for a meal box. On the question in how far the respondent feels meal boxes offer an attractive alternative to daily groceries, 61 % say they don’t find this interesting or are not interested at all.

Consumers prefer to buy basic food items online

The food items consumers prefer to buy online are mostly basic food items such as rice, pasta, sugar, and flour (42% of respondents say this). Another 29% say they also prefer to buy drinks online. Frozen goods, fresh products like milk and cheese, vegetables and fruit are bought online by 5 to 7% of respondents.

56% of respondents has not bought online groceries in the past six months

More than half (56%) of respondents has not bought online groceries in the past six months. This is in contrast to the 9% of consumers who have bought groceries online more than ten times in the same period. Another 24% has shopped for groceries 1-3 times; 12% shopped online 4-10 times in the past six months.

Delivery at home and low delivery costs important in online grocery shopping

In shopping for groceries online, the most important aspects according to consumers are the costs, little to no delivery costs, freshness and quality of the products, and at home delivery. These options are chosen by 135, 153, 139, and 146 respondents respectively. Less important are options such as fast delivery (less than 48 hours), which is selected by 81 respondents. Service options, such as assistance and contact, are also less important, only voted on by a quarter of the study’s respondents (61 in total).

Albert Heijn winner of Online Groceries study, Jumbo inching closer

In the Online Groceries study, Albert Heijn took the crown. Jumbo is inching ever closer to the number one position. The supermarket, known for its “Hallo Jumbo” campaigns, has started a sprint, narrowing the gap to first place.

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