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After giving up the throne to in April 2019, is once again first in the latest Digital Sales Scan Recruitment. With an average (rounded up) score of 62 both Coolblue, Rijksoverheid (Dutch Government) and form the top-3 of this October 2019 study. Coolblue’s career website is favorite by a small margin, when looking at the numbers behind the comma. In this study almost 300 young professionals where asked to look for a job on 10 leading career websites.

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Clear range of jobs and good filter favorite on websites top-3

According to the applicant,, and immediately show a clear range of jobs, and the websites have a good filtering system to quickly find the right job. regularly performed very well in the Recruitment Scan. This time they manage to rise another place by pushing from third place. and show they know how to combine their brand on the recruitment website. newcomer in this study has been included in this research, and immediately comes in at number 4 in the Digital Sales Scan Recruitment. According to the young professional the website knows how to bring out the right information quickly, especially on the desktop. This is not the case at Shell, the website ends on both smartphone and desktop at the bottom of the list. The applicant isn’t able to find a suitable job: the navigation and information provided is unclear, and the vacancies unclear about the job in question.

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