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“Anything for a smile.” Coolblue message resonates with the consumer and is in line with website communication, and is one of the reasons consumers ranked the online store first in the TV study (July 2019). This is how the provider brings a smile to their website visitor’s face:

The USP’s of the power of repetition

The visitor is repeatedly shown the USP’s of Coolblue in the product overview. Coolblue immediately communicates the ‘Why’ on the top of the page: free delivery the next day; 7 actual stores; a Coolblue app; free returns; best webshop/online store of 2018/2019.

The USP’s are convincing and relevant to the consumer. When a visitor clicks on one of the USP’s they are shown a detailed explanation. The benefits of Coolblue clearly stand out to the customer. Customers point out the “free shipping and returns” and “best webshop of the year” as important benefits. Additionally, the website repeats the main customer benefits after every two lines on the website.

Anything for a smile: uses humor and comes across as personal

The text and images on Coolblue’s website proudly display that Coolblue does “anything for a smile”. Photographs of Coolblue employees sporting grins, and the other images used on the website, underline the personal approach and the emphasis on customer service that the company values. A respondent in the study mentions: “the photo on the main page in which a Coolblue employee shows two customers a TV makes it feel personal”.

The caption: “Real stores. Watch with your hands” refers to the opportunity for customers to check out and try out the TV’s for themselves before purchasing one, in one of Coolblue’s stores.

Realtime personal contact with the webshop is also available. The page shows a striking blue customer service option which displays that Coolblue is willing to answer any questions that the consumer may have. Website visitors describe this as “good service”. takes on the role of advisor and guides the customer through the selection

The search feature serves Coolblue customers that are looking for a specific product. It also allows the customer to sort the search results by relevance, price, bestsellers, and ‘highest rated’.

Coolblue takes the consumer by the hand. They provide pages with advice and many filter options to make it easier for the customer to make a decision. This is how the company puts their many years of experience in electronics to good use. Coolblue provides advice in many ways: through their ‘advice’ page, their filters (such as ‘standard gaming’ or ‘optimal gaming’, ‘streaming standard movies and videos’ and ‘streaming high-end movies and videos’ and ‘watching sports’). A respondent summarizes: “clear information that tells you what you need to know before choosing/purchasing a tv.”

Coolblue provides filters the filters ‘promotions’ and ‘second chance’ to allow the price-driven customer to make a successful purchase as well.