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Our Digital Experience Dashboard for sales and service customer journeys lets you track a wide range of sales and service performance indicators, such as market and competition overviews, digital performance ratings, conversion rates and preference, NPS, CES and channel preference.

WUA regularly performs sales and service research to supply our Digital Experience Benchmark with a constant stream of fresh customer feedback. It makes our new Digital Experience Dashboard an excellent tool for setting customer-focused KPIs within your agile team and tracking your most important sales and service metrics over time in a structured way.

Creating momentum in your agile teams by setting a Service Benchmark

Each month, WUA conducts multiple studies in various industries around the world. We examine specific journeys within these industries. For example, within the Telecom industry, we examine the journey of a SIM-only customer. All these metrics are displayed in an easy-to-read interactive Dashboard, including data that span back over the years.

Our Benchmark lets you activate digital teams by plotting their performance in our benchmark while showing them how competitors are doing. As you’ll see, these comparisons will create a sense of urgency that builds momentum within your agile teams. Let’s look at one real-life example we recently encountered with one of our clients.

Boosting your digital service performance with strong planning

Say you’re Head of Digital at a major health insurance provider with over 4 million customers and you’ve got at least 19 important service tasks you want to constantly improve your digital service quality on. You use (among others) NPS, CES and channel preference as KPI’s while call reduction in the offline call center is of great business importance.

The WUA Dashboard shows you, in one overview, the digital service performance for all these 19 tasks, from “Change address,” to “Pay bill,” to “File a claim”. Both on your desktop or smartphone, per metric, per task. We ask hundreds of real customers of health insurance providers to perform real service tasks on their desktop or smartphone. We ask them to fill out our benchmark Service survey with standardized questions on digital service performance.

We assign a Digital Service Score to the service performance for each task and metric. There are also sub-scores for Channel Preference, NPS and CES, and scores for Rational (the right information), Functional (can the consumer solve the problem/perform the task) and Emotional (does the customer feel happy with their digital service journey and do they feel understood?). Check out our research model for Digital Service Benchmarking below:

Using the Digital Experience Dashboard as a Quarterly Service KPI for your Agile teams

In the Digital Service Dashboard with demodata screenshot below, you see the scores on both desktop and smartphone for 9 digital service journeys measured by WUA. You’ll see, for example, the score for “Change adresss” (desktop & smartphone combined) is 80. Above 80 is considered good; above 90 is considered excellent.

Meanwhile, however, customers give “File complaint” a lower score (63). That’s close to 10 points lower than the other scores on the other tasks on average (the average is 72.9823). In other words, “File complaint” could be an important service journey to improve for your online team. Diving into the data, understanding the WHY behind the lower scores on both functional, rational and emotional levels will give your digital teams the right indications on where to improve.

*The scores used in the article are fictional, although the tasks can be real-life tasks we use in our Digital Service Benchmark studies.

In the next quarterly measurement, you’ll probably already see an uplift in your score for “File complaint” and then… you start improving again and again and again! This steady quarterly pace of measuring, receiving and analyzing customer feedback, improving and measuring again creates a great sense of urgency and momentum for your agile teams.

Your Digital Sales Benchmark data with automated analyses

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Wrap up: Generating energy by listening to customers and acting upon their feedback

We’ve seen how a steady pace of quarterly measuring the digital service quality on multiple service customer journeys generates urgency for digital teams. The WUA Digital Customer Experience Dashboard helps your agile teams to listen to their customers’ feedback and once the right rhythm of measuring and improving is found, they’ll probably be high in their energy, achieve more and reach your digital service goals.