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In WUA’s most recent study on health insurers’ websites,,, and receive the highest scores. 1,200 consumers participated in the study. Which five lessons can you, as an online marketer, learn from these results?

The study’s results show scores especially high in digital sales. The health insurer, WUA says, is the most effective in dealing with website visitors. In customer experience on desktop, first place goes to In smartphone experience, is the undisputed winner. This article was previously published on Frankwatching.

  • Digital CX-Score | Desktop
    Onderzoek Zorgverzekering
    Meting: November 2018
    Land: Nederland
  • Score
  • 1 66
  • 2 64
  • 3 64
  • 4 64
  • 5 64
  • 6 63
  • 7 63
  • 8 63
  • 9 62
  • 10 62
  • 11 62
  • 12 62
  • 13 61
  • 14 59
  • 15 59
  • 16 59
  • 17 56
  • 18 55
  • 19 43
  • Digital CX-Score | Smartphone
    Onderzoek Zorgverzekering
    Meting: November 2018
    Land: Nederland
  • Score
  • 1 68
  • 2 68
  • 3 67
  • 4 66
  • 5 65
  • 6 65
  • 7 65
  • 8 63
  • 9 63
  • 10 61
  • 11 60
  • 12 60
  • 13 59
  • 14 59
  • 15 54

1. Give just a little bit more

It’s the added extras that convince consumers to take out insurance on The comparison site gives the impression of being independent and guides visitors through the choices that need to be made. This makes visitors feel as though they’re shown the best offer for the best price.

The prominent display of a free insurance for dental emergencies also helps convince the visitor to take out insurance through this website.

Practice what you preach claims: Choose the health insurance that suits you. It’s a slogan consumers appreciate. The brand proves to be faithful to this proposition is shown abundantly. For one, FBTO offers its visitors a lot of attention in each step that needs to be taken. For another, consumers can use a handy tool to adjust their own insurance. This way, CX and message complement each other wonderfully. also stays faithful to its brand. Consumers praise the independence of the provider, and during the study, they mention the Consumentenbond has a good, well-known reputation. The organization keeps this reputation intact by offering consumers help ‘from the care team’ right on the website’s homepage.

Make it personal

The message projects on its website is a personal one, which is made clear with the pay-off: You choose. FBTO. It’s not just the message that’s entirely oriented towards the individual; the health insurance itself can also be completely adjusted by the consumer. The consumer can choose from eleven additional modules, and only pays for what he/she chooses. It’s one of the reasons the health insurance provider receives such high scores in Look & Feel! also focuses on the individual in its communication, with the message: Everything you need.

4. Move with the timese

Consumers advise that the brand should provide more ways of contacting the Consumentenbond, for instance through social media. ‘Especially in these times, people want to receive answers to their questions quickly,’ respondents say.

These contact options are easily found on the website of health insurer Customers have the option of quick contact through Whatsapp, or to ask questions through other social media platforms.

The service study conducted last summer, in which the health insurers’ service quality was assessed, also showed that moves with the times. Customers appreciate the process of logging in to, which is done with a QR code. It looks similar to what does with its internet payment environment or Whatsapp in its log-in process on its web version. By doing this, they prevent oft-heard complaints such as ‘I dislike having to use my DigiD code to log in’ and ‘Logging in with my DigiD feels like such a roundabout way’.

Speed is important

When getting in touch with a health insurer, consumers expect quick answers, in ways that fit him or her. In information, too, speed is key. Talking about, a consumer states the insurer responds in a transparent, to-the-point manner, which helps consumers continue their paths.

In terms of looks, scores very high in the health care study. This provider also manages to offer information in a highly accessible manner, while also presenting it in a pleasant way.

From something extra to fast, personal contact

The 5 tips, as shown above, may feel like an open door, but they’re still points that recur quite often in our studies. In order to convince consumers, brands have to offer just that little bit more. That can be done in a fairly literal sense, such as the free dental emergency insurance offered by, but can also be done by simply practicing what you preach, as is done in the case of Furthermore, consumers are looking for health insurance that suits them, so make it personal! This includes moving with the times: we’re becoming busier and busier, so it has to be easy and quick to get in touch or to find information.

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