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For the second time in a row, CZ wins in the WUA Health Insurance Digital Service Scan. In our extended study 6,400 customers valued the service of Zilveren Kruis, VGZ, Menzis and CZ. Among its own customers, CZ’s service was rated highest. The highest score to CZ was given on the assignment (see below) Filing claims with an average of 82 points. On the assignments of Changing Bank Account, Finding a contracted physical therapist, Reimbursement Physiotherapy and Add Additional Insured, CZ scored highest as well.

CZ: consumer appreciates clear login environment

The modern and spacious design of CZ’s website results in a high rating of the login environment. Combined with well-chosen ‘quick links’, the consumer is efficiently guided to the right information. The large and highly visible buttons prove to be helpful in this process. The modern, spacious page with handy ‘quick links’ and buttons gives the CZ customer the feeling that they are on the right track. If the customer does not necessarily feel like they’re on the right track, the website makes it clear that help is only one click away – a service employee could assist (via chat or phone) when needed.

9% thinks about changing to another health insurer

Of the 6,400 consumers studied, 9% anticipate they would probably change health insurers at the end of the year. Furthermore, this WUA research indicates that The Dutch are positive about the quality of health care in the Netherlands. More than 60% agree or completely agrees with the statement “The quality of health care in the Netherlands is outstanding.”

Health Insurance Digital Service Scan: 6,400 real customers of 4 health insurers

WUA asked 6,400 real customers of the 4 biggest health insurers (CZ, VGZ, Zilveren Kruis and Menzis) to complete a service task on their desktop, mobile web, and/or app. Every customer completed one task on the website of their own insurer. The customers, all together, had to complete 8 tasks in total. There were 200 unique assessments per task.

  • Filing Health Insurance Claims

  • Finding a contracted physical therapist

  • Current health plan + additional plans
  • Insights in health care use

  • Changing bank account

  • Reimbursement physiotherapy

  • Reimbursement mouth care

  • Add Additional Insured

This is what the Digital Service Scan delivers

The Digital Service Scan gives you a quantitative grip on your service quality on specific tasks and services journeys. It delivers the qualitative perspective explaining the “why” of both the good and bad of your digital service levels. The Digital Service Scan is a one-stop shop for digital service – it delivers all the information you need to know to increase your digital service quality. We provide you with insights to improve the Customer Effort Score (CES) and Net Promoter Score (NPS). We give you channel preference insights, deliver rankings on customer loyalty, and tips and pointers for call reduction. We analyze your online service’s functionality and also look at the following 3 themes:

  • Functional: can your customers solve the problem by themselves?
  • Rational: can your customers find the right answer in a quick and logical way?
  • Emotional: do your customers feel genuinely understood by your organization? And do they feel that your organization genuinely wants to help them?
Web Service Scan Model

Digital excellence in the health insurance market now more important than ever

An excellent website is able to service customers without the need for them to call customer service to get answers. This increases loyalty and reduces calls to your company. With the end of the year (in the Netherlands the time to transfer to another insurer) quickly approaching the need for a website with great service increases.

Read more about the importance of Digital Service in our download “Why Digital Customer Service Should be High on your Priority List”.

The WUA Service Experience Dashboard

Detailed insight on how consumers engage and experience CZ, VGZ, Menzis, and Zilveren Kruis’ website, apps, and accounts.

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The WUA Digital Service Dashboard

Real-time insight into your Service levels

Detailed insight on how consumers engage and experience CZ, VGZ, Menzis, and Zilveren Kruis’ website, apps, and accounts.

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