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In this episode of the Digital Excellence Podcast, we welcome our special guest Steven van Belleghem. For those who don’t know him: he’s a best selling author, international keynote speaker, consultant and founder of Nexxworks, tech enthusiastDisney-freak, and, more and more, a marketing phenomenon.

Just 2 months ago, Steven’s released his newest book: “The offer you can’t refuse” Since that book (featured in a Forbes top 10) is all about customer expectations going beyond convenience, we talk a lot about this topic. In this episode, you’ll hear important take-outs on Steven’s new books, about customer experience and AI, and about reverse engineering customer experience. We also talk about the impact of Covid-19 on society and the role technology is playing in shaping new work habits and environments.

About the Digital Excellence Podcast

In the Digital Excellence Podcast, we talk to digital frontrunners, winners of our CX studies, clients, or friends. We talk about the organization of digital business, challenges, technology, customer experience best practices, digital service, and much more.  

The professionals in this show

Steven van Belleghem
Steven van Belleghem
Best selling Author
Matthijs van den Broek
Matthijs van den Broek
Head of Thought Leadership

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